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Tundra Expedition Society

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{{Guild | motto = Conquerors of the Tundra! | alignment = peaceful | founded = Wednesday February 15, 2012 | founder = Taquitos | Easter Egg! = Woohoo = Wump | number = 143 139 | pantheon = 194 211 | pantheon2 = fluctuating near the bottom | pantheon3 = 224 225 | forum = | stats = | friend1 = Gamer's Guild | friend2 = Sowing Sun }}
[[Sowing Sun|Sowing Sun]]
Watch plays every Sunday in Sowing Sun's forum thread. {{god|Taquitos}} has written a fewAlso join them for Awesome God Friday, as well as supervising a Tundra Expedition Society group effortamong other things
==How do I join?==
Joining the '''Tundra Expedition Society''' is easier than one would imagine. When your hero(ine) reaches level 12 they are able to join a guild! Now, you can simply shout ''Join'' "'''Tundra Expedition Society'''" ''guild'' when your hero(ine) is walking between milestones. Note that this will cancel their current quest and the progress of said quest will be lost entirely. It you don't want this to happen just wait until your hero(ine) is finished before you decide to tell him/her to join the '''Tundra Expedition Society'''.
Now there may be some instances where your hero(ine) decides that '''Tundra Expedition Society''' is just too lame and starts a quest to join a different guild. Stopping these random quests is just as easy. All you need to shout is something along the lines of '''"Stop doing this quest! It's so lame!"''' or if you are a more evil type '''"Cancel your quest before I make you into a human torch, you puny brat!"''' and soon enough your champion will just give it up and head back to town for a beer.
==Official Enemy==
The rascally ''Arctic Monkeys'' have always been obstacles to our assimilating, er.. Making the Tundra a better place. Destroy them all!
==Guild Positions==
Since the beginning of time, man has always wanted to take part in something bigger than just himself. Our solution: Multiple positions inside of our guild that help us in a multitude of ways. To apply for a position, ask {{god|Taquitos}} or whoever else is specified.`
Here you can find mottos, slogans, and jingles for TES. Feel free to use any of these mottos as your own. Old mottos and slogans will be placed here after being retired.
It will be your death if you mess with TES ''or'' Don't mess with TES
==Honorable Players==
Distinguished members of TES and other guilds, past and present. You may nominate someone by posting in our GC or PM'ing {{god|Taquitos}}.
We have a Palringo chat room! [tes] is members only. (We also have a general room for all supporters names [tes-gv]).

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