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Pantheon of Popularity

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{{stub}}pantheon[[Image:|image = popularity.jpg|righttype = Guild |00pxtracks = Guild popularity in [[towns]]|positions = Unlimited|requirement = Non-zero popularity |updates = Twice daily}} The '''Pantheon of popularity''' ranks guilds by popularity. The number shown next to a guild is directly linked to the total amount of that guild influence across all towns.
"'Popularity," long ago called "town influence" before the official name was revealed (although it is still called "percentage influence" sometimes), is generally seen as a measure of how liked a [[Guilds|guild]] is in the various [[Towns]], effectively how much influence a guild has. It is purely the '''sum''' of the percentage influences a guild has in every town, and guilds are ranked by this in the pantheon of popularity.
The popularities of different guilds in different towns can be viewed in the [[Godville Times]].
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