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7-4-12 7:55pm Become the 683rd member of the guild “Harvest Moon” (completed)
8-18-12 00:44: I suddenly realized that '''Epic Cat ''' is trying to summon me for an imaginary fight. Starting to materialize my battle slippers.
And with that Coach 1st rank Achievement became complete!
8-19-12 21:30: Notes from the arena: Mihala {{God|Your Divineness}} 02/20/2012 surrenders. Garwin definitely fulfilled his god's expectations today! The winner receives a gold brick and 1205 coins.
And with that Invincible 1st rank Achieved!
Just want to Add that as the 13th duel between Your Deviness and I was awesome and she has proven yet again she is one of the best and classiest Goddesses in all of Godville its an honor to be her rival!
9-27-12 17:49: Notes from the arena: Garwin begs for mercy. Mihala definitely fulfilled his god's expectations today! The winner got richer by 9276 gold coins and a golden brick. The loser cadged 346 coins back.
And with this Mihala {{God|Your Divineness}} 02/20/2012 achieved her 1000th win.
==Budapesties siblings==

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