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Zombie Hunters

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Shoot, dismember, and eradicate the zombie horde in preparation for the zombie apocalypse. Share your exploits with your guildmates and gloat over the growing number of dead undeads. We take our jobs seriously and will hunt until every last bacteria-infested, soulless zombie is extinguished from the earth we share. We choose death before dishonor...we live to destroy the vile zombies of the world. We say what we mean and we mean what we say!
17:16: The dead Plant-eating Zombie had 17 gold coins in its little coin purse. I looted it, bringing me one step closer to becoming a millionaire. Nikolai!!!!
05:11: The Necrophobic Zombie was gloriously dismembered! While rifling through its remains, I found a final countdown clock. It will need a good wash before I can sell it.
01:08: I hope the graveyard has an extra space for the Walking Dead.

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