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Multi-legged Luggage

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| image = Luggage2.jpg
| latin = Cistae polypedibus
| description = Magical luggage box with 5648 legs
| class = Sapient Pearwood
| habitat = Airports and Luggage Stores
| levels = 50–5950–60
The '''Multi-legged Luggage''' (''Cistae polypedibus''"many footed box") is tamable [[monster]] of the luggage family.
The scientific name for the Multi-legged Luggage is ''Cistae polypedibus'' and literally means sacred chest (''cistae'') many (''poly'') feet (''pedi'').
==Fun FactTrivia==
A hero who has tamed one can put dirty clothes in it, do the hokey-pokey, and open it to find clean clothes smelling vaguely of lavender. It is quite possibly one of the most dangerous monsters to be found roaming Godville. Beware!
Every Multi-Legged Luggage is a different gender.
==Strengths and WeaknessesAttributes=='''===Strengths:'''===*Able to sustain numerous blunt force impacts*Multiple legs allow it to run quickly and provide for enhanced mobility
* Has a strong trample attack
* Has been known to eat people* Won't stop until it reaches it's goal- whatever that is.*Stickers, it loves stickers
'''===Weaknesses:'''===*Flammable, though the finish on its wood skin can reduce flammability *Though it may contain weapons, it lacks arms and the ability to hold and use those weapons
* The metal fittings may rust and reduce tensile strength
* Termites
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