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Terror Bull

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[[Image:TerrorBullEscape.jpg|thumb|500px245px|right|Sculptor's depiction of the Terror Bull turning on his demon ringmaster.]] 
The '''Terror Bull's''' name is derived from the root word "terror". It is indeed a terrible Terror Bull. The Terror Bull was once a famous bull in the Godville Rodeo, known for his fierce fighting skills, as well as his terrible flatulence.
Now that he has escaped the Godville Rodeo, the Terror Bull refuses to go back. The Godville Rodeo is currently pursuing through the courts with a breach of contract lawsuit.
==Strengths and Weaknesses== ====Strengths==Attributes==
* Incredible strength and foul temper
* Piercing horns make it difficult to attack from the front
* You don't even want to imagine attacking it from behind
==== '''Weaknesses ====:'''
* Speed and power of its charge make it difficult for the Terror Bull to turn quickly. Try to fight near cliffs
* Outstanding legal action makes it preferable to hide from the Terror Bull in nearby courthouses
* Victim of "Irritable Bull Syndrome"; feed it Mexican food or curry and it will not be able to even think clearly

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