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Tundra Expedition Society

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{{Guild | motto = Conquerors of the Tundra! | alignment = neutral humane | founded = Wednesday February 15, 2012 | founder = Taquitos | number = 90 109 | pantheon = 215 | pantheon2 = 221 | pantheon3 = 216 | forum = | stats = | friend1 = Gamer's Guild | friend2 = Sowing Sun }}
==Guild Positions==
Since the beginning of time, man has always wanted to take part in something bigger than just himself. Our solution: Multiple positions inside of our guild that help us in a multitude of ways. To apply for a position, ask {{god|Taquitos}} or whoever else is specified.`
 ''Scribes:'' Scribes keep our wiki page formattedA long time ago, add in an era now lost to it, and police it for mistakes and unauthorized changes. They also make sure all information and lists are current. This position does not require a lot the mists of dedicationthe past, but we do ask that you check the wiki at least twice a week for unauthorized changes and the like. This position is had many open to all heroes over level 15positions. Contact {{god|Taquitos}} or {{god|Erene}} if you are interested. Only scribes may make any changes or edits to this Godwiki page. List of scribes {{god|Erene}} {{god|Taquitos}}{{god|WatermelonRZ}}{{god|Violet Flower}}{{god|Belle15}} ''Surveyor:'' Surveyors keep in constant contact with members of '''Tundra Expedition Society''' and survey them on new ideas for the guild. Members go through surveyors to They have their ideas for new mottos, and positions and then voted uponnow disappeared until more active players join. If enough upvotes are accumulated on a submited idea the scribes will implement the new ideas on the wiki page! They also conduct general surveys, which could contain other guilds as well as Tundra Expedition Society. Finally, Scribes run any contests held by TES. Contact {{god|Erene}} or You may ask {{god|Taquitos}} if you're interested in becoming a surveyor or if you want more information on this position. List of surveyors {{god|Erene}}{{god|Taquitos}}   ''Recruiter'': Recruiters help get new members into TES. The only requirement is think that you are friendly toward potential members. Looking on the forums is a good way to find low level players that might be interested in joining. You can also recruit your Real Life friends. Recruiters can also get members of TES to sign up for positions, and explain them. Please DO NOT try to recruit members of active guilds, or any guild for that matter. Failure to comply with the recruiter's code will result in immediate removal from your position. Contact {{god|Violet Flower}}. '''Recruiter's Code''' 1. I will NEVER try to recruit a member of another guild 2. I will they should be friendly to all potential membersbrought back3. I will answer all questions that I am asked, even if they decide not to join. 4. I will obey the head recruiter. 5. I will friend potential recruits (if you have an invite). 6. I will recruit as many people as possible (look at the forums for new people to friend). 7. I will maintain a good relationship with those I have friended with the intention of recruiting. List of Recruiters Head Recruiter:{{god|Violet Flower}} Apprentices:{{god|WatermelonRZ}} {{god|Dark nightmares}}  ==Surveys== '''Personality''' ''Belle15'' ''Tundra Expedition Society, League of Adjucators, Harvest Moon''' Good '''4''' ''Comments:'' good karma, die less Neutral '''2''' ''Comments:'' Evil '''4''' ''Comments:'' more fun, cause more damage
==Honorable Players==
Distinguished members of TES and other guilds, past and present. You may nominate someone by posting in our GC or PM'ing {{god|Taquitos}}.
''Tundra Expedition Society''

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