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Best Time to Melt
I do not have a lot of The data for this above is compiled from 439 attempts at the moment but will update it as I complete more of my temple. I'm getting around 1 brick for every 5 melting attempts. Thus far, it It doesn't seem to make any difference matter where the a hero is or what he is doing when I attempt to melt a brickmelting and it seems the overall melting rate for gold amounts between 3000 and 5999 is 20% or one in every five attempts.
I decided to break out my attempts to melt when I have over 6000 gold as I seem to have a much higher chance to melt at that point. In fact, when I removed those melting totals the melting rate for between 3000 and 5999 gold is very close to 20%.
==Gold Sacrificed vs GP Gained==

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