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Tournament of Champions

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β†’β€ŽTournament Rules
==Tournament RulesToC V: Valentines Day Massacre==
===Tournament Rules===  Are you smiting for smooches? Hurting for hugs? Is your idea of a good Valentine's Day telling your hero to beat someone up? Sign up today! ''Tournament starts Friday, February 14th.'' Like the last ToC, we're hoping for as many gladiators as possible. Due to bracket sizes, the sooner you sign up the better. We will be trying for either a 32- or 64-player tournament. ====Entrance requirements====#'''Sign up by Midnight, CST on February 10, 2014''' by: <br>Posting in the [ Tournament forum] <br>'''''or''''' <br>contact {{god|LHR Bad Karma}}, {{god|Dogess}}, {{god|Hairplug4men}} or {{god|Vorpal}} directly.
#One god per player.
#All guilds are welcome!
#All levels are welcome, however, given the match rules (below), it is highly recommended that you be at least level 40 or are highly experienced (and awesome!) in the arena.
====Match rules====#This is a '''''no-holds-barred ''''' tournament. This means:#<br>'''A)''' No limits on god power or number of charges used.#<br>'''B)'''Use of miracles is allowed, but not encouraged.
#Choice of battleground is up to the competitors. You may chose "Challenge a friend" or attempt a match by sending to the arena.
#Each round must be completed within 7 days or both players may be eliminated. This means: <br>'''A)''' If players are able to send friend invites and one fails to respond within the 7 days, the non-responsive player will be eliminated. <br>'''B)''' If neither player can come up with a friend invite, and players are unable to meet in the arena due to level differences, both players will be eliminated.
#Ties will be decided by The Great Random. The "nominal winner" will be THE winner, so play to win, or risk going home.
#"No-holds-barred" does not mean "say/do whatever you want." Please respect the PG-13 level of this game and keep that in mind before sending voice commands.
#Have Fun!
====Reporting Match Results====Once Post a battle is complete, send the winning information to either Lady Darkness or Dogess via private message in GV, on Palringo, or via email: and/or You only need to send the final GV post, however we encourage you to save a screenshot and/or the link to each battle. ==Summer of 2012 Tournament== To view the brackets and follow your favorite gladiator's progress [ click here]. ===Announcements=== ====Recruiting announcement===='''ATTENTION WARRIORS OF GODVILLE!!!''' Ask yourselves, do YOU seek honor ... power ... or the glory of battle?! Well, here is your chance! A tournament has been forged for just such a purpose! Whatever your heart desires, should you be deemed worthy, the Tournament of Champions is your opportunity to prove yourself! A no-holds-barred event like none before, and the prizes reflect it! 500 charges will be awarded to the tournament champion, along with 120 charges for second place, and 45 charges for third! And of course, the earned respect of all the contestants!! Actual prizes are provided courtesy of members of the '''Blue Feather, Harvest Moon,''' and '''Knights who say Ni''' guilds (respect, while not a tangible prize, is given by all). This event is open to ALL guilds and players, but we encourage only duel log in the seasoned warriors, (level 40+), to dare attempt this feat! However, should you be so daring, exceptions can be made. Visit this [ Tournament forum thread] and step foot into your greatest challenge yet! The rules are simple and few... but if you are curious... you can find them and more information [ here]. You do NOT want to miss the torrential madness that is soon to unfold! ''As for the rest of you out there, lock up your children and batten the hatches, because '''it’s about to storm in Godville!''''' ====Start Your Engines!====''Thunder booms, lightning cracks, and dark clouds build over Godville'' Ladies and Gentlemen! Warriors and Sorcerers! Sharpen your swords, tighten your bow, and don your finest armor! The time of reckoning is upon us! Shout to sky and summon your opponents, Posting the Tournament of Champions has officially begun!!! For finalized bracket information, tourament rules, and posting instructions...please use [ this link]. All first round match-ups should be complete by the 27th day of this month! If your opponent fails to respond to your call-out by then, they will be disqualified! Also, be sure everyone is aware that these matches are for real. No practice rounds! And finally...remember that this is a tournament of gladiatorship! While ruthless and reckless battles are encouraged, respect and honor are still virtues of even the most malevolent warriors! So with that, pray to your gods and charge your godpower! The storm has begun! Good luck! ===Round 1 Battles=== For full fight logs on at the first eight Round One battles, [ click here]. For full fight logs on start (rather than at the last eight Round One battles, [,_Page_2 click here].  ====Thufirson vs. Skey====''First match:'' [ Thufirson] and his hero Skulspliter vs. [ Skey] and his heroine Azzula. '''Victor:''' Thufirson ====Safi vs. Yvo====''Second match:'' [ Safi] and his hero Errorus vs. [ Yvo] and her heroine Jannys. '''Victor:''' Safi ====McGodimus Prime vs. Shannonus====''Third match:'' [ McGodimus Prime] and his hero Robules vs. [ Shannonus] and her hero Pirulin. '''Victor:''' Shannonus ====Drool vs. A R I E S====''Fourth match:'' [ Drool] and his hero Drool vs. [ A R I E S] and his hero SouthernCharmz. '''Victor:''' Drool (nominal winnerend====Nenalata vs. Tlaloc====''Fifth match:'' [ Nenalata] and his heroine Fallon Skye vs. [ Tlaloc] and his heroine Xholha. '''Victor:''' Tlaloc ====God Of Tasty vs. ClumpyDog====''Sixth match:'' [ God Of Tasty] and his hero Tastyhotdog vs. [ ClumpyDog] and his hero ClumpyPuppy. '''Victor:''' God Of Tasty ====Alistin vs. Fist of Fury====''Seventh match:'' [ Alistin] and his hero Tinalis vs. [ Fist of Fury] and his hero Afrobenny. '''Victor:''' Alistin ====Mortalin vs. Vorpal====''Eighth match:'' [ Mortalin] and his hero Remy von Uufenberg vs. [ Vorpal] and his hero Harold Groebal. '''Victor:''' Mortalin ====Your Divineness vs. Deprivus====''Ninth match:'' [ Your Divineness] and her hero Mihala vs. [ Deprivus] and his hero Sickilla. '''Victor:''' Deprivus ====Lord Bored vs. Yummy cracker====''Tenth match:'' [ Lord Bored] and his hero Bored19 vs. [ Yummy cracker] and his hero Icky cracker. '''Victor:''' Lord Bored ====Gorgeous George vs. Great Apollo====''Eleventh match:'' [ Gorgeous George] and his hero Alex the Average vs. [ Great Apollo] and his hero The Real Worm. '''Victor:''' Great Apollo ====Hairplug4men vs. Hasanto====''Twelfth match:'' [ Hairplug4men] and his hero Heybaybay vs. [ Hasanto] and his hero Nerilo. '''Victor:''' Hasanto ====V-vin vs. Budapesties====''Thirteenth match:'' [ V-vin] and his hero Mithridates vs. [ Budapesties] and his hero Garwin. '''Victor:''' V-vin ====BoneCrush3r vs. Mused====''Fourteenth match:'' [ BoneCrush3r] and his hero G0d 0f War vs. [ Mused] and his hero Liir. '''Victor:''' BoneCrush3r ====The Big Guy Upstairs vs. Little Ghost====''Fifteenth match:'' [ The Big Guy Upstairs] and his hero The Earthly Saint vs. [ Little Ghost] and her hero Leoardo. '''Victor:''' Little Ghost ====Brool vs. Reputed====''Fifteenth match:'' [ Brool] and his hero Pepso vs. [ Reputed] and his hero T-Hawk. '''Victor:''' Reputed ===Round 2 Battles=== For full fight logs for all Round 2 battles, as well as information on betting odds at LGC for upcoming battles, [ click here]. ====Drool vs. God of Tasty====''First match:'' [ Drool] and his hero Drool vs [ God Of Tasty] and his hero Tastyhotdog. '''Victor:''' God of Tasty ====Little Ghost vs Lord Bored====''Second match:'' [ Little Ghost] and her hero Leoardo vs. [ Lord Bored] and his hero Bored19. '''Victor:''' Little Ghost ====Shannonus vs Deprivus====''Third match:'' [ Shannonus] and her hero Pirulin vsis appreciated but not required. [ Deprivus] and his hero Sickilla. '''Victor:''' Shannonus ====Alistin vs Hasanto====''Fourth match:'' [ Alistin] and his hero Tinalis vs. [ Hasanto] and his hero Nerilo. '''Victor:''' Hasanto ====Thufirson vs Safi====''Fifth match:'' [ Thufirson] and his hero Skulspliter vs. [ Safi] and his hero Errorus. '''Victor:''' Thufirson ====Reputed vs BoneCrush3r====''Sixth match:'' [ Reputed] and his hero T-Hawk vs. [ BoneCrush3r] and his hero G0d 0f War. '''Victor:''' BoneCrush3r ====V-vin vs Tlaloc====''Seventh match:'' [ V-vin] and his hero Mithridates vs. [ Tlaloc] and his heroine Xholha. '''Victor:''' V-vin ====Great Apollo vs Mortalin====''Eighth match:'' [ Great Apollo] and his hero The Real Worm vs. [ Mortalin] and his hero Remy von Uufenberg. '''Victor:''' Mortalin ===Round 3 Battles=== ====God of Tasty vs. Thufirson==== ''First match:'' [ God Of Tasty] and his hero Tastyhotdog vs. [ Thufirson] and his hero Skulspliter. '''Victor:''' God of Tasty ====Shannonus vs. V-vin==== ''Second match:'' [ Shannonus] and her hero Pirulin vs. [ V-vin] and his hero Mithridates. '''Victor:''' Shannonus ====Hasanto vs. BoneCrush3r==== ''First match:'' [ Hasanto] and his hero Nerilo vs. [ BoneCrush3r] and his hero G0d 0f War. '''Victor:''' Hasanto ====Mortalin vs. Little Ghost==== Odds in favor of: Little Ghost
Over/Under: +/- 163''Join the [godville tournament of champions] group on Palringo to hang out with other gladiators, talk shop, and watch the fights.''
Bets for Little Ghost to win pay 2====Prizes====*'''1st place:1''' 250 charges*'''2nd place:''' 120 charges*'''3rd/4th places:''' 45 charges each
Bets '''''Note:'' We are still looking for Mortalin to win pay 163:1prize sponsors, so these may go up at any time.'''
===Thank you!=ToC History=='''We'd like to thank our sponsors''' who will be providing This is the 1st, 2nd, fifth Tournament of Champions and 3rd prizes! Theythe first time in the organizer'd like to remain anonymous, however, so wes seat for {{god|LHR Bad Karma}}. We'll just tell you which guilds to be ve got a tad nicer great team helping out with this one and are looking forward to for a week or so. To seeing new faces (as well as old) in the generous members of [ Blue Feather], [ Harvest Moon], and [ Knights who say Ni] - thanks for funding our fun!
'''We'd also like to take a moment to thank Information on the support staff.''' This tournament would not first ever ToC can be possible without their tireless efforts at imagining and creating this storm of whoop-tush, recruiting gladiators, information dissemination, writing announcements, inventingfound [http:/debating/ignoring/solidifying rules, forum posting, cheerleading, and all here]. well... support. These folks don't get paid, kiddos. They do it all out of the kindness of their hearts (that or a sincere desire to watch the competing gladiators waste their time and money entertaining the masses). That said, if you enjoy this tournament, take a sec to let 'em know! '''''Send them a few charges to express your gratitude!''''' Their time spent working on this has been time away from their beloved heroes and heroines, and many will require alignment adjustments or help with their temples by the time this is all over. And they did it all for ''you'', the viewing public. So pay up!
In alphabetical order (so as to not show preference even though some are clearly more important than the others): [ Bellatrixie The Strange], [ Belteshazzar], [ The Big Guy Upstairs], [ b0x], [ Budapesties], [ Ceccetticat], [ Deprivus], [ Dogess], [httpCategory:// Hairplug4menTournaments], [ Lady Darkness], [ Little Ghost], [ Mistress of Science], [ Mortalin], [ Nenalata], [ SBFH], [ Tchulmaak], and [ Zeerty]. Thanks to you, the Godville community got a nice show and an example of what can be accomplished when we put our minds together. ''Thanks for making this all possible!''

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