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Tournament of Champions

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Round 1 Battles:
Ladies and Gentlemen! Warriors and Sorcerers! Sharpen your swords, tighten your bow, and don your finest armor! The time of reckoning is upon us! Shout to sky and summon your opponents, the Tournament of Champions has officially begun!!! For finalized bracket information, tourament rules, and posting instructions...please use [ this link]. All first round match-ups should be complete by the 27th day of this month! If your opponent fails to respond to your call-out by then, they will be disqualified! Also, be sure everyone is aware that these matches are for real. No practice rounds! And finally...remember that this is a tournament of gladiatorship! While ruthless and reckless battles are encouraged, respect and honor are still virtues of even the most malevolent warriors! So with that, pray to your gods and charge your godpower! The storm has begun! Good luck!
===Round 1 Battles:===
For full fight logson all Round One battles, [ click here].
====Thufirson vs. Skey====

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