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Contagious yawning

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[[File:{{stub|skill}}{{skill| image = Yawns-are-contagious-766.jpg‎| caption = |thumbtype = combat|400px]]description = If you're reading this, you're gonna yawn.}}
Skill Type: Combat The '''Contagious yawning ''' is a common, but poorly understood [[skill ]] using the ability to model modify the mental state of others. An enemy doesn't actually need to see the hero yawn to involuntarily yawn themselves; hearing the hero yawn or even reading about the hero yawning can cause the same reaction.
== Effects ==
===Level 1-5===
The enemy cannot close his/her mouth, or open his/her eyes for about 10-18 minutes. Leaving the hero with plenty of time to strike.
(The enemy might suffer air loss thanks to the yawning intensity)
===Level 31+===
All these happen at once
[[Category:Skills]] [[Category:Combat skills]]

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