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<b>Agon Kaldar<br/></b>Born: 9/1/2011<br/>Estimated Temple Completion Date: 8/16/2012<br/>Average Bricks/Day: 2.85<br /><br />
'''Quest to Build a Temple Without Buying Charges'''
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Other = Posthumous Bricks, Skirmishes, or Wanted Monsters<br/>
Other '''Mystery Box Experiment'''{| style= Posthumous Bricks, Skirmishes"background-color:#eeeeee;width:250px" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="1" border="1"|- style="background-color:#ddffdd;"!Item Use!19!Amt|-|Death Removed|2|2|-|Death Added|0|0|-|Brick Gained|4|4|-|Brick Lost|1|1|-|Gold Gained|6|21458|-|Gold Lost|3|2095|-|Exp Gained|2|4151|-|Exp Lost|1|793|}Assuming an average of 1 brick melted for every 100% GP used, or Wanted Monstersthis equals approximately 168 GP used per brick.

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