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{{diary|text = A trader's tent appeared out of nowhere. Wow, this is just too good of an opportunity to miss.}}
{{diary|text = Saw a shady trader by the road. Sat down by him to get out of the sun.}}
Hawkers carry a lot of heavy merchandise around with them so they prefer to hang around certain [[Milestones]] so that they don't have to drag their stuff around for too long. Hawkers are greatly hated by [[Heroes]] and [[Gods]] alike for when a hero stops by at a hawker's shop, it is as if they are stopping at a small town. Most are unavoidable because not a lot of heroes can stand up to the hounding of a desperate trader. Heroes who stop off at a hawker's tent do not [[Pray]], are not healed (disadvantageous if the hero is on low health) and worst of all, can be idly stuck chatting with the hawker for around half an hour (even an hour in some cases). Needless to say, gods do not appreciate their time being wasted like this. The only consolation is that a hero lucky enough to be taken in while their inventory is bulging with [[Artifacts|loot]] can expect to make a lot more money than usual. Heroes also can take advantage of the hawker's brilliant bargains, getting discounts on [[Equipment]] and [[Healing Artifacts|healing potions]].

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