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Arbitrary Moments in History: Added Links to pages of past leaders.
| emblem = shrug.jpg| motto = It had to be somethingRandom is what happens, but Arbitrary is a choice.| number = 1141| alignment = N/Abright
| founder = Theora
| founded = 09 06 March 2012
| friend1 = Guild by Association
| gold = 19958| pantheon = 89| pantheon2 = 122| pantheon3 = 244 | date = 23 April 201219 May 2015
| stats =
| forum =
If you donDon't care what Guild you are injoin a random guild, why not pick join the "Arbitrary"?guild.
At level 12, heroes randomly staring start joining guilds. Take matters into your own hands and pick the "Arbitrary" guild. Join the Arbitrary guild, and <b>"Insert your content here (here being this entire page)."</b> == Original 29 Members ==<i> What? Were you expecting a round number? </i> <br />  {{god|Theora}} <br />{{god|Princess Piggy}}<br />Bless-You<br />Greggie Bear<br />Midgard<br />Katierw<br />Karenreed<br />Dilligads<br />Desert<br />DAVELOCK<br />KrycekUK<br />Elio<br />Delinia<br />Olaf the concorer<br />Ekho Kaleo<br />Yuroi<br />Fhytfj<br />Insane Bob<br />Brian the Infallible<br />Dochollidayxxx<br />Vraesh<br />Jack-Frenk<br />Herotengu <br />Project Echoshadow <br />Atanaryk <br />Jehgeek <br />Anonymous59 <br />Rennerpetey <br /> == Arbitrary Moments in History == 2 June 2012 - Entered into an alliance with Guild by Association. <br>2 June 2012 - Attained listed popularity in 3 towns on the same day. <br>1% popularity in Bumchester <br>1% popularity in Los Adminos <br>1% popularity in Monsterdam <br>09 July 2012 - Reached 97 guild members<br>Was always AWESOME! 04 March 2015 Theora was voted first leader of Arbitrary!<br>16 August 2015 {{god|Death Mist}} was voted second leader of Arbitrary!<br>12 January 2016 {{god|Bahgtru}} was voted third leader of Arbitrary!<br>

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