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Generic Enemy

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The behemoth that came from a test tube. He was created by a madman who was trying to find the secret of creating life. The man took DNA from sveral [[monsters]] and tried to clone them. When he rralized realized he only had one tube to clone the cells, he decided to mix the DNA. As a result, he created a blob of nothing. Feeling the shame of failure, the man grabbed that blob and threw it out. After a while, the blob's molecular structure was ignited. The mass of goo came to life and sprung legs, arms, and a head. The creature knew he had been abandinedabandoned, so he seeked revenge. It killed his creator and sought comfort from the townspeople... Who also rejected him. His anger brought forth some powers that he was gifted with. He now lurks in the forest waiting for any unsuspecting traveler who wanders past him. He feels the need to kill in order to enact his revenge on an uncaring and unaffectionate society.

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