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Some Ideabox suggestions approved by the Godville Administrators
* Diary: Stumbled upon a sign that read: “You prayed for a sign. Well, here you go.”
* Diary: Wait a second, wait a second...Almighty, did you just say, “%god_voice%”? No, that would be silly; I'm sure it was just a thundercloud.
* Diary: You hear that, monsters? Yeah, it's me, %hero_name%, and I smell victory afoot! And also a nearby skunk. But mostly victory! So run, cowards!
* Diary: I'm not sure if I was daydreaming about sleepwalking or remembering my dream, but either way I made it past another milestone.
* Diary: It's raining, but I don't know what I did to make you cry, my Lord/Lady. I pray for your happiness, and offer %X% coins as a token of my devotion and love.
* Diary: Almighty, do you ever have one of those days where it seems like no matter where you turn, there are monsters out to get you?
* Diary [awaiting resurrection]: Each. Minute. Crawls. By. Slower. Than. The. Snail. That. I've. Been. Watching. For. The. Last. Two. Hours.
* Diary [awaiting resurrection]: Almighty, if you decide to leave me here to decompose, would you please turn me into a flower bed?
* Diary: Dear Almighty, thank you so much for resurrecting me. If I should ever die again, though, would you mind doing something about it before the maggots find me?
* Diary [new quest]: I opened my “Tome of Uncompleted Quests” to a random page and read the first entry I laid my eyes on. Looks like I'm off to %quest_name%!
* Diary [god voice]: A tin can on a string descending from the heavens appeared in front of me. Putting the can to my ear, I heard the words, “%godvoice%.” Incredible.
* Diary: The %monster% and I decided to make a trade. I gave him a roundhouse kick, and in exchange he gave me his %artifact% and %#% gold coins.
* Diary: Didn't have enough room in my pockets to carry the %monster%'s head, so I just kept his bag of X gold coins as a trophy instead.
* Diary: Tried resting against a tree to recover from injuries, but it turns out a cactus was a poor choice. I'd better head back to town to heal up.
* Quest: fill in the potholes left by heroes digging in the middle of the road
* Artifact: holy cowbell
* Duel: A plague of locusts swarmed into the arena and descended upon both heroes, who fought them off only after sustaining considerable damage. Looks like no one is immune from %god_name%'s wrath. (84%)
* Duel: %hero% noticed that %opponent%'s shoelaces were untied and helpfully knelt down to tie them. He/she then followed that up with a massive uppercut that knocked %opponent% right out of his/her shoes. (79%)
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