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Groovy Church of Happy Happy Joy Joy

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The end?
[[Image:hypnotic-eyes.jpg|centre|thumb|400px|I feel my neurons slowing down to a state of stupefaction.]]
Look into my <big>'''eyes'''</big>... don't look around the <big>'''eyes'''</big>, look straight into my <big>'''eyes'''</big>... you are entering a deep state of hypnosis... <big>''deeper''... ''deeper''...</big> all the way down.
Good<!--[[Image:groovy_nomsg.jpg]] [[Image:groovy_jewels. png]] -->  <gallery widths=200px heights=200px perrow=4caption="Groovy Gallery">Image:groovycups2.png|Keep CalmRoflpot meet Gigglecup
Image:stunt_rodent.jpg|Steady, Aim, Fire, ROFL
Image:hovercat.jpg|Hovercatsees all!Image:unicornpoop.jpg|Yummy!Taste the rainbow... poop.Image:cup-of-tea.jpg|Special Don't tell anyone, but a quality solvent has always been one of the secret ingredients of Groovy Tea.Image:is-it-tea.jpg|Hello! Is it tea you are looking for?Image:groovy_bumble.jpg|Oh no I ran away because I thought there was a bumble bee in the guild council!!1 ha ha I dont want to get a bee sting on my helmet!! ROFL because that would hurt if my helmet could feel ha! ha but it cant and theres no bee theres only text in guild council.Image:groovy_Vuvuzela.jpg|Cool! I've got a Vuvuzela of annoyance... listen to THIS! ..... Buzzzzzzzžzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzžzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzxxzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzžzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzžzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...Image:groovy_watermelon.jpg|Has anyone seen @Laughing Policeman? ... He's overdue his medication and I don't want a repeat of the watermelon incident.Image:groovy_clown_s.jpg|Clowns have feelings too!! because if you step on ones foot by accident he will say Ow and chase you with his squirty bowtie!!1 ha ha lol but if he catches you he'll kill youImage:groovy_roflcopter.jpg|OK... Everyone together... 'ROFLopoliis was Unspecifiedistan, Now it's ROFLopoliis not Unspecifiedistan, Been a long time gone Unspecifiedistan, Now it's hat glue and teato tranquilise me...'Image:groovy_policenews.jpg|Lol lol I am inside the newspaper ha ha even though I am not fish and chips!!1Image:groovy_bookworm.jpg|"The Book Wyrm made a meal of my family jewels. I hope it chokes..." LOLLLOL!!!1!!! OUCH!Image:groovy_jewels.png|Family jewels is one of Book Wyrms 5 a day! Along with salt, vinegar, books and more family jewels. LOLOLO!!!1!!!!Image:groovy_rofl_iron.jpg|I use a rofl iron to make my rofl lines flat.Image:groovy_47.jpg|Haha loll ol I traveled back to the 70s too lol ha!!1 but not really because I am not older than 70!! :D :D I'm 47Image:groovy_sofa.jpg|Where was the last place you saw your blood?.. did you look down the back of the sofa?Image:groovy_empty.jpg|Ladies & Gentlemen... We have a tea supply problem... I shall immediately get in the Groovywagon and visit the local herbological shaman's market for an urgent restock.Image:groovy_autopilot.jpg|Lol lol ha but I cant fly a plane!!1 ROFL ha only if its on autopilatesImage:groovy_tutu.jpg|Oh noes! @Laughing Policeman is wearing Desmond Tutu over work trousers!11!! Mental image is so disturbing I can't LOL. Wait a minute... yes I can LOLOLOLOLROFLOLOL!1!!!1Image:groovy_roflcop.jpg|Many set off on the path to true Groovy Church enlightenment, few succeed... most end up like gibbering simpletons.... overwhelmed by the truth... @Tinkerbell End was once an eminent nuclear physicist, @Laughing Policeman was once a talented detective inspector. @Mordac is showing promise... he has risen to become the finest mordac in his field. It is a corn field. Keep trying to not try, Monica, and one day you could reach illuminated grooviness :)Image:groovy_nomsg.jpg|No messages yet.
{{diary|title = '''HAPPY''' |text = [[Image:happy2.jpg|left|thumb|350px|Tea! I have tea and I know how to use it]] <big>'''HAPPY'''</big>
Now, everything I say is absolute truth and you will surrender your will unconditionally to '''me'''.... ''The Leader''. <big>'''Trust in Me'''</big>. }}
{{diary|title = '''HAPPY''' |text = [[Image:happy3.jpg|left|thumb|350px|Breathe in…... COPY…..... Hold your breath…..... PASTE…...... Breathe out….... LOL!]] <big>'''HAPPY'''</big>
You really are blessed by luck, as by stumbling through the hallowed portals of the ''GROOVY CHURCH'' OF HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY you have embarked upon a personal quest of self realisation through mindless joy. <big>'''Trust in Me'''</big>.}}
For all the wonderful services we provide, The ''Groovy Church'' only requires two small things from guild members, namely 50% of your earnings and your soul. And the soul of your cat. Yes, that's 3 things. Counting correctly is a dangerous and heretical act that only leads to false freedom. <big>'''Trust in Me'''</big>. ''HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!'' }}
[[Image:groovy_bearfruit.jpg|centre|thumb|400px|Hes a bear an hes a fruit also!!1]]
''3-2-1.... You're back in the room.''
Resistance is futile. <big>'''Trust in Me'''</big> :D
[[Image:groovy_clown.jpg|centre|thumb|400px|Brilliant! I've just recorded a whole LP of Lounge Exotica Vuvuzela covers, and I've spoken to Hans Koller, who's let me use the cover of his 'Relax with my horns' album... ]]
Hello my lovelies. My psychic radar is receiving emanations through the aether…. it seems that Guild Name are holding a quiz. More importantly, ''THERE ARE PRIZES.''
Although I’m aware that Groovy Church Tea has resulted in your average shoe size being greater than your average IQ, you are all encouraged to enter the ''Guild Name Pub Name Quiz Name'' and bring as many prizes as possible back to me so we can all fully bask in the glory of the Groovy Church.
There’s a day in the flagellation chamber for those that come back empty handed. Two days for lucky prize winners!
Sales of inflatable Tea Shirts from my mind kiosk have been buoyant and balloon sales have gone through the roof! In light of this, I have purchased a large roll of LOL Lino and created a LAUGHING FLOOR in the temple.
So when the tea kicks in, you may now either ROLL ON FLOOR LAUGHING ( ROFL ) or ROLL ON LAUGHING FLOOR ( ROLF ). I hope this new variant gives you all years of absent minded joy.
In order to reclaim Unspecifiedistan as '''The Holy City of ROFLOPOLIS''', All illuminated seers of the Groovy Church of Happy Happy Joy Joy are to start stockpiling '''Vials of Liquid ROFL'''. Reasons may follow.
''“We all dance like fools on the shining path to the eschaton!”''
From the LIBER GNU, stanza XXIV
And why not get a ’I’m collecting liquid ROFL for Guru Gnu!’ T-shirt from my mind kiosk for the introductory price of 200 coins each?.. or 2 for 500.
Terms & Conditions apply. You only save your soul if you buy 2. T-Shirt is only hired and still remains property of GGnu Corp.
There now follows a public information film about the [ possible side effects of Groovy Church Tea.]
[[Image:happy.jpg|left|thumb|350px|You look like Zootroll!]]
[[Image:keep-calm.jpg|right|thumb|350px|Watch film!Everyday I'm rofling]]

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