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Sober view

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Soberview a good deal.
{{stub}}The '''sober view''' soberview is a technique derived from the lack of booze in the hero's heros alchohol system. This can be a good thing, enhancing enhanceing the wit and bargaining skills of a sober hero. The view can be a little boring boreing at times, but once mastered, the deals deal of a lifetime could be seen, bought, taken, swindled, beaten, and possibley be used to crush the competition with their rare and superior valuesitems of a special nature.
[[Category:Skills]]Level 1~5 honeing your skills of sober intuition, once mastered you can tell if the merchant has a buzz. If he does lets make a deal. Make him deal with you taking advantage of his dull wit and senses. Level 6~9 now the clandestine catylest of intoxification is your 6,7,8,9th senses. Get em!  Level 10 your senses are sharp, a rapier wit, time to take advantage of all this time spent training, and diligently waiting for the perfect time to strike, swindle, stab, steal, deal, coupon, and get something special from these crooked vendors!

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