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Sir Nonnaly

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* 614 g.e. -- Tamed my third [[pet]], a [[dust bunny]] named '''Pumba'''. Learned in the process that a level 32 hero can in fact tame a dust bunny (previous lore held that a level 29 hero was the most senior one who would tame such a breed). Additionally, won my tenth consecutive arena match after level 30, thereby achieving '''Invincible, 2nd rank'''.
* 617 g.e. -- Participated in my first [[Sparring duels|"imaginary" duel]] against a friend. I won!
* 618 g.e. -- Reached Level 33. Learned a new skill: “pocket hypnotoad”!
* 619 g.e. -- Killed my 20,000th [[monster]]!
* 622 g.e. -- Achieved Builder 2nd Rank (for earning 300th gold brick).
* 627 g.e. -- Reached Level 34. Won my 80th [[arena]] battle, bringing my rank on the Gladiatorship Pantheon to 1044.
== Gold bricks ==

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