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Dirt Devil

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Not the vacuum, but the spawn {{stub|monster}}{{monster | image = dirtdevil3.jpg | caption = | latin = Dæmonium terra| class = Earth Demon | habitat = Mud holes to Dust plains | description = A whirlwind of teeth and claws| rattle = ''"See?! I told you you wouldn't like me when I'm mad..."''}}  The '''Dirt Devil''' (''Dæmonium terra'') is an evil Satin himself, but in dirt formincarnate spawned from the ground itself. He  It rises out of the ground to smother engulf you in a whirlwind of teeth, claws and... well, dirt, hence . Hence the name dirt devil. No hero Hero can stand against such an onslaught, but those with the [[Bad breath]] skill do stand a chance. == Attributes == === Strengths ===* Big nasty teeth. Very big. Very nasty. * Furious speed* Bewildering fight patterns === Weaknesses ===* Prone to lock-jaw when going for the really big bite* Suffers fits of debilitating sneezes due to the likes nature of its origins == Field Notes == [[Image:tassiedevil.jpeg|thumb|left|One of being dirtyfiedour more foolhardy Field Workers decided to poke a Dirt Devil with a stick to see for himself what those big teeth really looked like... Or maybe they can? Guess you will find We still have what's left of him in our freezer... several toes and a hand, I believe.]]  [[Image:dirtdevil2.jpg|thumb|right|This image was extracted from a much chewed camera outof the belly of one Dirt Devil, oh, along with an entire arm from a Field Agent we now call 'Lefty'.]]

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