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Aura of reviving

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Colour: Blinding white
The aura of reviving is your saviour if your hero is weak but determined and therefore ends up in the cold clutches of [[Death]] far too much. It used to be that shuffling off his mortal coil caused a hero to restart his [[Quest]] from the very beginning after being [[Resurrection|resurrected]]. This could be annoying if it happened frequently. When a hero had the Aura of reviving, however, progress could resume after death. Death no longer has this effect, and a hero can continue his quest even without an aura or reviving. However, the aura is still useful in that it can give the god a rest from constant resurrection duties. The hero normally takes 24 hours to resurrect himself if his god cannot be bothered, but this aura allows a hero to resurrect himself in under a minute in most cases. As a result, the hero will be a lot less miserable and be able to get on with his quest before he is made made to cross the river once more.

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