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Pantheon of greed

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Some [[Hero|heros]] don't like to spend their [[Gold coins|money]] on drink, concerts, sacrafices, pets, skill level-ups, equipment upgrades, equipment downgrades… or anything, really. They hoard their cash away and let nobody else touch it, not even their [[God]] who wants to make [[Golden bricks|golden bricks]]. These are a rare sight, as most heros want to spend money at the first opportunity. This pantheon rewards those who delight in riches.
Other heros are just plain lucky, finding zillions of [[Bold artefactsArtifacts|rare artefacts]] or treasure chests after completing quests or having [[God|Gods]] opening [[Activatable Artifacts|Special artefacts]] for them. This pantheon will also reward such lucky [[Hero|heros]] as well.
The [[Hero|hero]] will qualify for this pantheon by having lots of [[Gold coins|gold coins]]. Being extremely bad with money, it is easy for a [[Hero]] to fall out of the pantheon by spending his [[Gold coins|money]]. As a result, heros rarely stay on the pantheon for long.

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