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Multi-legged Luggage

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The multiMulti-legged luggage Luggage is a simple luggage box made from the wood of the rare and intelligent Sapient Pearwood, which only grows in places where there has been a vast magical expenditure such as where a hero had died before resurrection in a [[Temple]].  It was originally built by angry security guards to try and solve the problem of unattended luggage. There is no problem if the unattended luggage jumps up and scurries off to find its owner when prompted. As the wood has grown in a magical area, it has mutated and gained intelligence. The trees have been cut down painfully, and as such the Multi-Legged Luggage seeks revenge.  Despite this, certain Interior Diviners continue to build them for travellers to use in the reasonably long length of time before they become feral. Most people see it as a calculated risk, huge storage that will never be lost with the possibility of loss of life in later months. Its attitude to the rest of existance is indescribable, but one could start with 'bloody-minded malevolence' and work up from there. It destroys anything it encounters by trampling it with its 5648 tiny legs.  Its inside does not occupy the same dimensions as the rest of [[Godville (World)|Godville]] and as such can be anything up to infinite.

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