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The Goddess of the the 33 rd level hero Yulian. With the motto Trick is don't be a trick! A grand master Cardinal in the [[Warped Quantum]] guild. Which is the most confusing [[guild]] of all the guilds in [[Godville]].
A gift giver who aids in the journey of her beloved [[hero]]. If she is your enemy, may your [[God]] help you. She is a just and fair goddess. With just a pinch of cruelty. (for flavor) A bit bossy. Only because she is blessed with the devine gift of bullshiting the bullshiter. And she is getting better and better at it as time passes. So a warning to bullshiters every where. NO BULL! Pray often. Sacrifice. And partyhardy. But not on my dime. Now to the tavern we ride!

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