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Cutie Mark Crusaders

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[[File:Assimilaton.jpg|left|thumb|left|250px|Dangerously Cute]]
| emblem = Cutiemarklogo.png
| founded = 09-03-11
| alignment = Pragmatic
| pantheon = 197205
| forum =
| gold = 10371103
| friend1 =
| friend2 =
| foe1 = Nopony
The Cutie Mark Crusaders are a guild devoted to the worship of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.
The love of ponies has existed since the dawn of time, once a pastime of gods and heroes of a more... feminine gender, but it has since the great Faustian revolution attracted a large male following.
[[File:CMC.jpg|right|thumb|left|200px]]Macho people everywhere watched in horror as they see saw more and more of their brethren fall to the charm of the miniature horses. Enthralled by their voice work, smooth animation and genuine humor many religions have erupted around them.
Cutie Mark Crusaders is an attempt by various gods of Godville to keep their heroes faith pure, while still allowing them the happiness ponies bring. Curious gods are directed here: []
[[File:670-princess-celestia.jpg|left|thumb|left|300px250px|Her Royal Highness]]
==Cutie Mark Crusades==
Whenever we actually do something, read about it here.
===The Burning of Cupcakes===
Heretics have been printing up scandalous stories in which a certain lovable pink party pony was portrayed as a vicious killer, cutting up everyone's favorite blue pegasus and baking her into pastries.
The perpetrators were found, sent to the moon, and any remaining copies of the book have been destroyed.
Everypony loved. Everypony , everypony equal.  
Except the furries, buck them.

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