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Cobweb gulp

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Ok OK ladies and gents , let's get started on the "this how-to" of this how to manual.Step 1: you are face with a adversary too big or too tough for you too handle I.Step 2: things needed :   1)A cobweb , preferably with gross spider attached its disgusting owner still on it. 2) A strong stomach . 3) The attention of your assailant. II. You must be face to face with your adversary who might, or might not, be too big or too tough for you're assailantto handle.Step3: without III. With no sign of hesitation , gulp down (not just eat , chew or ingest, etc) the entire cobweb(and hopefully also if available the large gross spideralong with it):Step 4: stare down IV. Stare at your opponent with no regard , as if you didn't just ate a cobweb.  ----  Best case scenarioscenarios:   a: The oppontent is He's so grossed out disgusted that he a: loses interest, in you. b: He vomits. c: He runs in utter fear of what else you are might be capable of and finally. d: you You vomit and the smell is so bad , he runs or loses the will to fight you anymore and runs away, because of said odor.  
I hoped you enjoyed my how-to cobweb gulp.

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