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Seventh Deadliest Sinner

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No longer marked for deletion, this monster had been confirmed to exist in the game. 😊
{{deletestub|1monster}}{{monster| image =This does not appear to exist in<!--gameAn image filename (e.g. Example_picture_name.jpg). [https://godvillegameIf the filename doesn't exist, this gives you a link to upload>| caption =%22Seventh+Deadliest+Sinner%22&commit<!-- A caption to be displayed beneath the image. -->| latin =Search Forum search<!-- a Latin-style species name,] [https:if known//wikimade-up -->| description = <!-- A short description of the>| class =Seventh%20Deadliest%20Sinner&title<!-- The class of monster, such as "Humanoid" or "Automata" -->| habitat =Special%3ASearch&fulltext<!-- Where the monster lives or thrives -->| strong =1 wiki search<!-- Set this to yes if this is a strong monster.] Ideabox dupe; submitted but not in-game. See [[User talk:Willh]] for detailed explanation.->}}
This vile person flaunts their ability to use all of the sins

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