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Boss-Monster Abilities: noticed this in a duel: "Inspired by celestial glow, [redacted] managed to strike twice, eat some healing herbs and had a quick prayer. The faithless boss seems to be unaffected."
||'''Deafening''' || Shouts down divine orders, making voice commands useless. || Do not give [[voice commands]].
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||'''Enlightened''' || Reflects part of the damage from a punish back on the party. Refills godpower to 100% for surviving {{heroes or heroines}} at the end of the fight. || Do not [[punish]]. Conserving [[godpower]] is not necessary, as it will get refilled to 100% after the winning the fight.
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||'''Explosive''' || Monster may explode when their health is low, damaging all {{heroes or heroines}}. The party will notice when the boss is preparing to detonate.|| Kill quickly after the warning message to avoid severe damage to the party and loss of potential lab parts. The explosion does damage equal to 20-30% of each party member's maximum health.
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||'''Faithless''' || Is immune to all punish divine damage; however, however punishes can still backfire and damage the party, and miracles will just heal and pray. Encourage backfires will not heal the boss-monster. Miracles are still effective. || Do not [[punish]]or use [[miracle]]s.
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||'''Hulking''' || This ability gives the boss-monster more health.|| {{N/a}}

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