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Battle Toad

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Latin name: Bufo nintendo
| image = Battletoad.png
| caption =
| latin = Bufo nintendo
| class = Amphibian
| description = Mutated, fully armored Toad
The '''Battle Toad''' (''Bufo nintendo'') is a [[Pets|tameable]] [[monster]], despite being taller than your average hero. They aren't very smart, but are handy in a fight and can carry artifacts and other objects if they get too heavy.
Battle Toads are amphibians which accidentally got hit by the lightning of some angry God in [[Godville]]. Yes, it happens pretty often. When ponds or puddles are hit by lightning bolts of Gods, every living creature in it may mutate, and this is where the Battle Toad’s existence came from. They're bigger than humans, strong like a tank and can still catch flies with their sticky tongues.

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