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Dandy Lion

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[[File:Lionman.jpeg|thumb|left|Leopon the 3rd]]
This great piece of art is for the great Leopon the 3rd. This cunning big cat is the 5th ruler of the kingdom of Dandy Lions, ruthless is the first thing to come to mind upon hearing his name. This ruler is well respected among all lions for his devilish good looks, but don't let that fool you, because this ruthless ruler is well known for the tragedy that is "The Weeding" a mass Flowerpower Dandy Lion genocide lead by none other than Leopon the 3rd and his army of trained Tiger he raised and adopted for guts and glory. Flowerpower Dandy Lions flew to the flower fields for safety. Poshfur Dandy Lions staying loyal out of fear. Leopon the 3rd established a museum to tell Dandy Lion history, he listed this mass genocide as one of greatest Dandy Lion feats of all time (The Museum is in now ruins). No one knows why he has this immense hatred toward Flowerpower Dandy Lions, not even his own family, historians assume is because of the Flowerpower's hippie like nature was getting in the way of his iron fist.
[[File:Scarytiggerguy.jpeg|thumb|left|Torgreus the Merciless, Leopon the 3rd's greatest warrior.]]

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