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Seasonal Festivities

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Daily, {{heroes or heroines}} wander in the dangerous wild land surrounding Godville, fighting monsters, raiding trapped dungeon, sailing through dangerous seas and eventually die in the name of their Gods. That's why, Festivities are so important. That way, {{heroes or heroines}} can fight, raid, sail and die but with a festive ambiance! Doesn't that change evertythingeverything?
Seasonal Festivities are events that come back every year at the same periods and impact the world of Godville in various way.
! Duration
|April Fool|| 1st {{ordinal|1}} April || Whole day
|Godville's Anniversary || {{ordinal|10 }} May || 5 days
|Autumn || 1st {{ordinal|1}} September || Whole month
|Boss day || {{ordinal| 16 }} October || Whole day
|Halloween || {{ordinal| 31 }} October || Whole day|-|Thanksgiving (USA) || {{ordinal|4}} Thursday in November<br /> ({{ordinal|{{#expr: (({{#time:N|1 November {{#time:Y}}}} + 3) mod 7) + 23}}}} November in {{#time:Y}}) || Whole day
|Christmas || ||
Pumpkins everywhere! [[Glowing pumpkin]] and [[Golden pumpkin]] are collectable during the event. Also [[Undead Monsters]] and hungry tribbles are more common during that day.
Special Thanksgiving-only bold [[Activatable Artifacts]] such as (since 2019) {{turkey|[[Roasted turkey]]}}, (since 2020) {{turkey|[[Mince pie]]}}, {{turkey|[[Jar of cranberry sauce]]}} and {{turkey|[[Chicken salad]]}} appear in the game. Costing 0% GP, these artifacts completely heal the {{hero or heroine|or=y}}.

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