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Yashiro Eich

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| motto = Ho..? Mukatte kuru no ka ?
| gender = Male
| personality = Pure EvilGentle| level = 2935
| guild = Valourheart
| position = Founder
| wonlost = 1:1
| rank = Chief MasterAdvisor| temple = 2644.89%
| pet = Talking Donkey
| petname = Pumba "GarishGreat"| petlevel = 1015
| rival = Goku Genji
==The Beginning==
Yashiro wasn't always an evil hero. He started off his adventures and had a righteous personality, but it all changed when he joined the guild, The Dark Brotherhood. From there on, Yashiro swore himself to darkness, and has been on the path of evil since.
Then, something changed within both Yashiro and Infarius, suddenly, their rage stopped, ans Yashiro is on the path of good once again.
Yashiro then split into his own world, with it's own lore and factions. He became the general of the army for his kingdom, Vohenstedt. He became a half-elf, with magic power and a bow, as well as a nimble rapier. When his emotions are pushed past his limits, his magic overflows, transforming him into a beast of the Mana, engulfing him in blue flame.
And then Now finally, he arrived rests in the world of Godville, under as a hero, completing quests until the God, Infarius, who is full end of bloodlust, and has caused Yashiro to go pure eviltime.
! Slot !! Name
|Weapon || Bi-SickleWeapon of Less Destruction
|Shield || AT-FieldDiplomatic Immunity
|Head || Skull MaskHelmet of Thickheadedness
|Body || SteamChain E-Power ExoskeletonMail
|Arms || Power Dimensionless Gloves
|Legs || Invisible PantsJackboots of Asskickery
|Talisman || Protective PentagramFriendship Bracelet
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