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Drowned Captain

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The '''Drowned Captain''' (''Dux submersus'' "drowned leader") is a the [[boss-monster]] encountered at the end the [[mini-quest]] "[[Find someone who sleeps with the fishes]]."
As is common knowledge, captains are expected to and often do go down with their ships. The Drowned Captain was no exception, and as his beloved vessel began to take on water, he stood fast on the bow and waited to die. He thought that would be the end of him, but just as he was slipping away into the eternal darkness, a voice called out to him. It said, "The Gods have a job for you in the afterlife. Awaken and do Our bidding." Well, it wasn't as if he had any choice in the matter, and so he rose from his watery grave in order to confront heroes who have embarked upon this mini-quest.
Defeating this dismal sea captain may get you [[Davy Jones’ locker]], among other things. Opening it requires 50% godpower and may affect your {{hero(ine) or heroine|or=y}} in a good or bad way.
{{diary| 03:56 The Drowned Captain doesn't want me to wake someone who sleeps with the fishes! Quick healing and - to arms!}}

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