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Ballpoint Penguin

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* Can overwhelm higher-level [[monsters]] with its forgeries
* Will be popular enough to be found by your {{hero or heroine}} fairly quickly
* Will once in a very great while decide to write an inspirational note to your {{heroor heroine}}* Can restore full health to {{heroor heroine}}
* Able to yawn to put monsters to sleep, allowing {{heroes or heroines}} to finish them off
* Very brave
* One of its attacks is used to generate a somewhat strong static electricity attack, or roar loudly
* Has been known to bring legendary random artifacts.
* At times will point your {{hero or heroine}} in the correct right direction.* Has been known to occasionally bring healing items to the {{hero or heroine}}, before usually eating them with great pride. (the item, not the {{hero or heroine}})*They have been known to physically heal their owner.
* Have been known to sacrifice themselves to save the lives of their master.
=== Weaknesses ===
* Runs out of ink after awhile
* Likes to eat and sleep as much as your {{hero or heroine|invert=y}}* Will occasionally eat items out of your {{hero or heroine|invert=y}}’s pack
* Doesn't know how to swim very well

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