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Pure evil!
===Pure evil!===
Only the most diabolical heroes even contemplate a personality that is labeled as Pure Evil! It takes much effort, and ongoing punishment influence, but it can be very rewarding. Attack power is dramatically increased, and there are some fun diary phrases available only to those chosen few who achieve this personality trait. However, these heroes do heal slower in the field due to large amounts of scar tissue. They continually insult those who are pure good! because they are ''far weaker'' in terms of attack power. Due to the envy they feel when thinking about their good counterparts, heroes that reach this depth of evil may awaken the following characteristics:
*The {{hero or heroine }}'s eyes show traces of darkness, which makes anyone who gaze at it feel creeped out.*The {{hero or heroine }} gets obsessed in singing, composing, and editing {{his or her}} own theme song.*The {{hero or heroine }} has a tendency to decorate {{his or her}} clothes with useless but badass looking accessories.
*Woodland creatures run away instinctively due to a primal fear passed on from their ancestors (pure evil! heroes tend to force them to give sacrifices).
*Monsters might run away before the fight even starts.

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