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Once a {{hero or heroine}} is done building his {{daily choice|Goddess'|God's}} [[Ark]], it becomes possible to store up to '''three''' Pets <ref>"[[Pets#Zombie pet|Zombie pets]]" can also be stored into in the ark.</ref> into in the Ark by using the button "Put into Ark" button (50% [[Godpower]]) in the same box as the pet information.
The next time the {{hero or heroine}} enter enters [[Godville (Town)|Godville]] <u>'''naturally'''</u> through the city gates (No i.e., no sail/arena/teleport), {{he or she}} will leave {{his or her}} pet behind at in the Ark. Any pet can be retrieved the same way by selecting it in the "In the ark" menu for 50% Godpower.
If the {{hero or heroine}} travels petless during {{his or her}} quests, {{he or she}} will acquire a new pet the [[Pets#Acquiring_a_PetAcquiring a Pet|usual way]], no matter the amount of pets in the Ark.
Note, if a god {{God or Goddess|i=y}} would like to switch a pet with one in the ark (in other words, put the current pet in the ark and take a pet from the ark out), click "In the ark" and choose the pet to switch. Do not put the current pet into the ark (50% godpowerGodpower) and then remove a pet from the ark (50% godpowerGodpower), well, unless you want to waste godpowerGodpower.

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