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On the first of October 2018 A.H. (Anno Horribilis) Danuit finished the construction of the temple dedicated to his god Atheist. This defying take on classical architectural took roughly half a year to build. This aureus shrine was built below a ruined castle that pleases the aesthetical sense of the deity, and while not atop of the hill the temple is still quite elevated and has a nice view of the farmlands around.
Over the ground we have the shrine itself, which is little more than a hollow altar where parishoners can make their offerings to Atheist and murals that surround it, sunlight tends to stay away so the altar steps are littered with candles. In between the steps there is a short tunnel covered by an iron grid, this leads to Atheist's vault where offerings are stored for the magpies to appropiate as the owner allows so, sometimes they even stay just to just look at the sea of shiny stuff.
==The Sekhmet ==
- If I flee now, I’ll take your name and your life, none of this rebellious shenanigans will come to change who is Danuit. You’ll be no longer at least. -
- Take whatever you wish, I care not for the name of Danuit nor his burden. -the magpie flew away, back to Godville.
All the sparrows and owls of the House of Atheist were flying around looking for a corpse. Their claws clutched on small pieces of jewelry that cried their hunt all across the fields. Down by a small river, a crippled sparrow discovered an anonymous deceased who had been betrayed and, after their throat was slit, thrown into the loud river. This was few days ago, now they spent their eternal rest on a casket of canes and grain. It was not long before Atheist landed on the scene. The corpse was rebuilt to resemble the former hero Danuit, armed and dressed to look the part and finally transported into a forgotten niche deep down the streets of Godville.
===Seventh Tome: The Western Diary===
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====The journey to the Vector Field====
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In the first day we travelled North West into the sands, by the afternoon we had to stop for the desert met a meagre field which, albeit flat, was hardly as navigable as our former path was. We would have a short wait while our golems fixed the Dancer’s undercarriage in order to tread further. I decided to go upstairs and have a chat with Horseshoe for she would be leaving us the very next day. It is her I have to thank for my now rich language and even richer understanding of science and technique. I knew that although she played the part and drank spirits with us her real tastes were utterly more softer than the rest of ours, that’s why I invited her to my personal lodgings for at least a cup of a herbal tea called Mate. She gladly accepted, even brought some sugar for us to mix into the brew.
She went down to pack her belongings into the bridge. The night was starting to take hold and in the far horizon a greenish glow crawled from beneath the earth as to beckon us into it. This was the Vector Field, and beyond it the college that would have my right hand and confident, at least it looked as a nice estate from the telescope. We would have to wait until the morning to inter horseshoe for all places are sealed during night-time. At dawn she descended the plank with a small trolley my eyes followed until it lost itself beyond steel gates that held knowledge beyond my imagination, I only wish they also have something else in their hearts than numbers and ambition so they may tend well to my friend’s.
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====The journey towards the Kraktor====
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From there we ventured further north through a set of streams that led unto a river proper. It was honestly appalling, to witness such verdancy and serenity robbed me of words. I should not waste a drop of ink into trying to describe such a landscape for no words are even close to that blissful sail. The Dancer had been once more dipped into the element it was supposed to habit. The crew went in and out of the lower deck for glances of the forests and some bottles. Davo was in the tip of the ship glaring around looking for a spot that would fit as a small symbiotic village. I eventually approached him in the late morning to join into his surveillance of the ever revealing flora. His face was as jolly as ever and no trace of melancholy or sadness clouted neither his eyes nor words.
The place started to look a tad more the part when we helped him build a modest hut with salvaged wood and some branches. It looked much like a settlement, it had a stockpile, a bonfire and even a rough bed. We spent the night there before crossing through the land and towards the caravanserai. It was harsh to tow the ship across the forest but we soon saw clearer tundra and eventually sand once again.
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====The journey for the charred caravanserai====
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It wasn’t long before noon that we arrived at the abandoned site. It was but a square building with a huge yard which was plagued with wildlife and had a well in the middle. The surroundings once held beds and other amenities, a total of fifteen rooms were available now as dark vaults that migrating birds had made into their homes. It was an empty shell as it stood, only in the mind of stretches the nights of spectacle and gold were still lingering amidst the burned furniture. She explained that this had been a place for the exchange of luxurious products and a scene for exotic dances and musics. There she had performed not only acrobatic prowesses but a heist that rendered it the ash pile we saw. She went to set a table for us to sit in and enjoy a meal, at least the rice bowls that our golems had mustered from our ever shrinking pantry. Beans went ahead and started dancing on her own all around the well to our applause and amusement.
She walked through the court and went on to dance with Beans, it was promising to see what this place might become, what it shall be once the rubble is displaced and silk becomes the rule around the courtyard. It was compelling that our dissemination was carried on with dances rather than weeping. It will make the incoming task less dreadful than it shall. I boarded the dancer with beans to travel into our last stop. Quirkytown.
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====The journey into Quirkytown====
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For the last leg of our journey we travelled south following the coast up until the land rose in the horizon as the city in the crater. Even as we were docking the dancer at the outer rim of the city, songs were crawling out of it. We walked through a tunnel that bled into one of the bigger lanes, the first think that struck me was the abundance of dangling lamps and lights, specially the folks singing and dancing atop the ropes and cables. The road was bedecked with pubs and taverns whose patrons were chanting the glories of absinthe as it were a musical of sorts. Beans was not only amazed, as I were, but eager to merge into the swirling body of performers. After she blew her steam in quite an amusing way we fell back to one hole in the wall for a quick drink and a final farewell.
I took my leave and went into the dancer to travel even further into the South. The sands and I spent a fortnight together before we bumped into a footstep as big as a pack of nine elephants. The trail was fresh and led us to the ever missing town of Lostway. It’s guise was of a barely barren hull of iron, but I knew the many minerals that they stash in there, the sprawling city that hides amidst the dusty planks of metal. My journey through the West had come to an end, my journey towards Atheist was bound to be over soon. We drifted towards the front of the city that was now resting upon their own feet to drill into the wasteland for, hopefully, experience. They allowed us to dock the dancer and I descended alone to look for a miner guild that would supply me with tons of the mineral. Then it would come to me to distill it into something that would be fit for my consumption.
===Eighth Tome: Marvels of Godville - The TAT===
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Lo and behold the marvels of Godville! This booklet series brings for your amusement and inspiration the tales and trials of the most bright mechanics and creators this land has seen. We shall leave you to enjoy our three act representation of the events surrounding the TAT.
Hereby we present the amazing tale of the two inventors, Aran and Narediel, and how they came up with the Trans Astral Traverser that is displayed in the Lostway Academy, for it is their alma mater. Be welcome to revel in the outlandish tale of how this two unlikely fellows banded together to further science and propel discovery.
We are by law forced to plead to you, dear reader, please not to try recreating this feats of technique by your own devices. We trust on your better judgement to not obviate the necessary steps and precautions that we do omit for narrative purposes. Always try your craft’s safety and reliability in harmless subjects such as sacks of sand, eggs or atheists.
Quirkytown Publications. Quirkytown, 3380 g.e
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====First Act====
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Aran, as a former hero, was an expert in brews and a little bit so in brewing. During their time as a bandit developed a way to consume monsterite via distilling it into spirits. Such was the task they was carrying out in a steamboat repurposed as a lab that was docked in the eastern gate of Lostway, but this time Aran was brewing raw starite into local liquor for their consumption and betterment. The news of a brewer creating “Starite Shots” ran around the town from the miner guilds up until the researchers at the Academy, one young lad by the name of Naradiel decided to tread into the eastern avenue up until reaching the outer market from where gleaming fumes emerged, he was determined to meet the genius behind Lostway’s new craze.
Meet them he did, amidst alembics and crates was Aran bottling shiny booze to be consumed they walked up until where the investigator was in order to ask what was his business in the dancer. The two golems of the ship walked to guard towards their owner wielding each a club that neither did really know how to use. Naradiel quickly stated that his purpose was but to meet the owner of the laboratory in order to, would The Great Random allow, partner with. Aran introduced themself as the owner and inquired further on what may said project be about, a question that pleased much the surrounded engineer.
Over a couple bottles of shine they discussed the purpose and requirements of the work Naradiel was working in. The goal was to cross the Trans Astral Highway with a craft able to harness the energies that flow there, the vehicle itself was still in its earliest stages and not even a prototype had been built. Aran agreed to go over at the Academy to peruse the design and see if they could contribute to such a convenient device, once in the workshop which rested in the deepermost layer of the city. The walls were covered in electrical wires and metal pieces that were meant to reproduce divine energy kinetics, in a separate room the sketches and blueprints piled up awaiting for a proper synthesis, junk and supplies littered all the space awaiting a wise assemble.
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====Second Act====
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The two masterminds got to the task at hand in no time, with Naradiel’s talents in mechanics and physics and Aran’s expertise on the divine, the craft was meant to be in no time. It was clear that the structure would be akin to a tall umbrella, with a pole wielded into a metallic disk below and a curve “shield” above. The first issues were propulsion and direction, for which a directable sail was the solution. Said “sail” was a tightly stretched net of aluminium wires in a frame of steel. This would catch streams of energy floating in the intended direction while letting the contraries slip away, and a rudder linked to the pole would help drive the ship properly.
The couple took care then of the temperature issues that would derive from rushing up and away from the known world. Freezing was easy to foresee but much harder to solve, given that heating would only hamper the Traverser’s task the remedy was bound to be worn rather than installed. With the thickest fur money could buy they fit a vest that covered the whole body. It was like a sack made with a red textile, where one person could fit themselves, leaving an horizontal visor at the height of the eyes. It had separate limbs and even an air collector attached to the back in order to stash oxygen into the suit so the wearer doesn’t run out of it in the upper layers of the Trans Astral Highway.
Finally, Naradiel and Aran decided to try the device, the latter volunteered to fly it while the former surveilled the experiment from the ground. The goal was to fly upwards and once above the clouds throwing down a flare to prove the voyage had been succesful. Then the pilot shall descend back into the earth without further trouble. They repurposed the Dancer once again and waited for the city to be the closest possible to the coast, once they were all set and ready, the couple took the ship into the sea to ferry towards the town of Los Adminos. They travelled through the jungles for a couple days and then set camp at the feet of the Trans Astral Highway. They spent a fortnight setting everything up and finally after everything was prepared for the maiden voyage of the craft, the wind was optimal, the gear in pristine conditions and the incense about to be lit.
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====Third Act====
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A small shrine to Pachoncita (the goddess who volunteered) was erected near the camp. Naradiel would pray to her in order to power the craft into the stairs, Aran was already in the craft and wearing the suit, the candles and incense were burned and suddenly the machine arose from the ground and into the Trans Astral Highway. The pilot held tight the rudder as the TAT flew onwards, in the space of an hour they were at the gates of the gigantic vortex at the end of the transparent steps. It was akin to a massive gaping dark abyss surrounded by a spinning myriad of blazing white candles dancing around it. Craft and inventor were absorbed into it, reappearing in the land of the divines.
The first sight was that of a sunlit sky pretty much like the one down on Godville, but there were no cities to be seen there but rather the abodes of the many denizens as if they were patches in the countryside. The divine winds helped Aran to stir into what they knew to be the residence of Some Atheist. Before the craft could land, it was hijacked by magpies who took it into a regular sized property where a square tower stood, it was painted in a soft color cream and the rooftop was painted in red. The tower itself had three windows in each side all placed in a row. Finally there was the magpie nests all around the place where the birds stayed between incursions.
The flare was never lit, but the craft had been returned by magpies all the way down the Trans Astral Highway. Naradiel retrieved it and stored it away, for he understood the signs as a gentle warning from the ones above that this sort of science was most unpleasant to them, thus the expedition fell back to Los Adminos, bound for Lostway. Aran stayed in the domains of Atheist as far as we are concerned, Naradiel went on to keep working on many other projects that occupy him to this very day.
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===Ninth Tome: The tower of Atheist===
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The magpies landed the craft down into a patch of land, near the doorstep of Atheist. It was a crude metal door with engravings of birds, jewelry and a couple sigils as well. Aran walked to the door, which gently swung with the breeze revealing itself open, not that there was a keyhole or anything but they didn’t expect it to be unlocked either. As they stepped into the tower a large living room welcomed them into the dwellings of their former god. It had a tv and a couple couches near a fireplace, a crude wooden table painted green and four fitting chairs that surrounded it. A sickle and many drawings hung in the walls as decoratively as it were possible, the left wall had an opening leading to a pantry and a small kitchen with too many bottles below the sink.
Aran climbed the staircase at the right, which led to a corridor from which another staircase and four rooms stemmed. The chambers, even if pleasant, proved to be empty and still. It was the rooftop where Atheist, dressed in a black gown and their hair kept into a ponytail, was sat in front of a desk connected to an antenna. The deity waved at Aran and stood up closing a notebook and the matching quill into a drawer. “Morning dear, want a coffee? Of course you do, come to down to the kitchen i can arrange a couple toasts would you like them”. Before Aran got to reply Atheist went down the stairs and they felt compelled to follow while pondering about the lack of thunderbolts.
Oddly enough the deity went through with the proposal and the traveller found themself with a cup of coffee in their hands, sitting opposite of the presence that tormented and scared them so much. There were them two, having a chat without weapons nor any more violence than the beating the butter received as it was spread on the bread loafs. The fire burned eager while cooking whatsoever that smelled nice and would probably be served for supper.
- “Do ask me whatever you may want to know, I am sure you must be broiling with doubts about all we’ve lived together”. -
- "Why are you doing all this? -
- “Well, coffee is a socially accepted way to engage someone in conversation, tea is as well but I assumed you were more keen in the former”. -
- “I mean all this godhood thing, why are you engaging in the perpetual monitoring of your Danuit? What’s your angle in all this cosmic vaudeville?” -
- “Quite a straightforward approach you show, guess the prelude was too long for you to endure. I believe I have the very same goal as any of my neighbors and fellow deities. Entertainment.” -
- "Of which sort? This place is hardly entertaining, if anything I’d say it is utterly sober. " -
- “Well, the Godvillians maybe haven’t cracked this one up yet, but since you have come so far there is no point in stalling. Godville as a whole is just a little project that we all share for fun, it is quite amusing to see our champions roaming around the land, trying as hard as they can to satisfy us. They do, you did sometime ago, it was quite shocking when you forfeited your role, most eccentric on your behalf. I was invested in the pains of Danuit, but your efforts to emancipate where even more entertaining, there was no way to see ahead of you, always making up a new plan.” -
- “I had come to expect a nefarious purpose on your actions, it is appalling to hear that you had no purpose altogether, other than watch ants building a temple.” -
- “Don’t diminish yourself like that! You are far better than an ant, indeed you are quite a smart lobster or whatever insect is more relevant.” -
- “The whole of Godville is just that to you? Just a toy to tinker with? What of all the strife below your vault? Have you ever pondered anything beyond the gold bricks?” -
- “My, is it offensive to you? Don’t think it is much better on my end, at least your world had a purpose, albeit a menial one. Where I come from the world wasn’t tailored to be nothing, it just happened to exist by luck, figure that I came from a boiling soup aeons ago. Don’t you bother yourself with your world’s existence, it is not much of a big deal really.” -
- “Well, let’s get to my own existence then, why did you turn me from a corpse into a human hero? Was it just to see me running around?” -
- “Once again, yes. I am afraid you set yourself to disappointment by thinking otherwise. Though in all honesty that was not all that I expected from you, for the most of my life I have been grinding myself in menial tasks in my own world. Seeing how you coped with yours, even romanticising them a little, helped me evade from mine. My newfound power granted me the distanced role I needed to even long for a life of meaningless toil as far as it was not the one I already had. So, I will admit that I grew rather attached to my fellow ant. Does that mitigate your existential tantrum?” -
- “It does little for now, do tell me about the cocktail party. That was wicked, your recklessness and despise for life had brought me to abandon my heroic nature. How could you possibly justify that night?” -
- “It was a good way to make a splash and make our cult known, the fires were doused by the firefighters in no time. As for the damages, they were only material for the whole district was of warehouses meant to supply arks in food, water and ammunition, gunpowder was stashed away for obvious reasons. They were all insured and dependant on companies that regained the losses in a month, the night was but a setback. Some pillaging happened in the manors near, but we can always rejoice in the misery of the wealthy. Besides I do remember someone tried to set up an explosive in a wine cellar below one of said residences.” -
- “I did, drunk and hopeless I resolved that it was a necessary removal of myself and a deserved punishment. I remember setting up a charge, but it certainly did not detonate. I remember a magpie who took the fuse.” -
- "And a flock of magpies taking your corpse down the Mainstream, and me healing your deadly wound. And a magpie delivering a stolen letter to the Dancer, what else did I do for you? -
- “I never asked for your help neither attentions. Indeed I never asked for any that you have done to me.” -
- "Who does? See, one thing I understood being in and around the great random is that we have little say in fate, but we do have a notable influence on who we decide to be. And I have to admit that you have chosen a pretty bold identity. You couldn’t choose being a hero, yet you decided to leave it behind in a stride of rebellion. We are captives to destiny, it is our actions who make us “us”. A better poet than me said that ‘Som el que fem per a canviar el que som’ which would translate to ‘we are what we do to change what we are’. Quite twisted but a really pretty message." -
- “Well, it has been a pretty informing chat, but I do believe I shall get my craft again and head back to Godville, there’s some evangelism to be done”. -
- “I am afraid that you shall not, if I have been so honest it was because you obviously were not to return. You have been a headache for us for a long while, and much to my dismay I have seen reason and resolved to confine you in my domain. I have tasked some of my magpies to take the craft back to your dear friend, no need to commit theft, is there?” -
- “You will regret this, I shall defeat you!” -
- “I know, you have been quite vocal about it for long, you shall retire to your new home in the back, it is late and I wish to have my supper. You’ll find your hut packed with commodities and plenty of entertainment, I do believe the birdies fetched a couple books for you, very thoughtful wouldn’t you agree?” -
A gust of wind pulled Aran outside the house, which closed itself before they could throw a last blow in the closest that they had been to a proper fight. After trying to pry the door open to no avail, the defeated champion walked into their new abode, trying to just numb the whole wrath that clung to their veins with such tenacity. Headfirst into a pillow, Aran put themself to sleep into what would be their prison.
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===Tenth Tome: The Covenant===
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The captivity of Aran went on for a whole moon, they amused themselves sorting out the magpie’s stash inside their nest. At first the birds were hostile and defensive about the newcomer, but as soon as they started offering cuttlery and bread the flock of kleptomaniacs became increasingly tolerating, Aran used to come into the citadel of hay to arrange the loot by type and size. One morning the whole flock stormed the hut while Aran was just opening their eyes. A booklet printed in the cheapest paper and ink was being forced into a slumbering right hand that clutched it out of habit. The birds fled out of every window and resumed their pillage, the captive took a look at the cover and shuddered. They recognised the book it was, the chronicles of Atheist, which they had seen in the first release for the booklets piled up in the temple as they were a propagandistic gift from the deity.
A crude magpie stamp stood in the middle of the cover and the title was scribbled by hand over it, the contents were not far better neither in style nor writing. It details the origins and journey of Some Atheist from no one to a deity. Aran always had a hunch that their deity’s name once meant they were against gods, now they had evidence of it, which would most certainly be presented to their captor. Aran spent days pondering how to do so. The book is quite explicit but their speech was to be hardly cohesive, whereas the story that smeared the pages was already writ the words to confront the author were yet to be arranged.
After careful planning and rehearsal Aran was ready to face their maker. In the early break of dawn the traveller flown upwards and before the desk of Atheist, on a whim they landed on the rooftop booklet in hand and steady shield to deflect projectiles. Atheist did not even stood up, their only motion was to lift eyes from Danuit and shove them into the bothersome visitor, specially into the booklet held near their face.
- It is mostly unwise to leave such a revealing document to wander in Godville – spat Aran.
- It would not be if literacy was not such a contagious disease, for long I thought you were immune to the muses, unless there was a muse for beer or combat -
- The Great Random was a great catalyst I should remark, the irony should be self evident. -
- Fortune’s wheel is ever-turning, that I can appreciate, yet I am unable to see how the current position holds you above me. -
- How high I am is not the matter at hand, but rather how low have you fallen ever since this leaflet was wrote. I must confess that I could not recognize you in the lines of this book, humanity, principles and sympathy were attributes that I would hardly associate with Soma Atheist. Yet the evidence is conclusive, you were once quite less hideous, when you acquired this façade of evilness is still unknown to me -.
- The fact that you have believed such an outlandish piece of propaganda is utterly telling, the truth is which I told you. I simply walked in this place without any further purpose than entertainment as I would walk into a theatre expecting a play -.
- Well, you should have entered in disguise, for your very name is Atheist. What is to be made of that other than a certain identity? -
- Do you derive who am I only by my name? A bold assumption indeed, are you willing to delve in more etymology while I brew a cup of tea? -
- I do not only examine your title only, but your deeds as well. You have not only left me be, but saved me twice from deadly wound and prosecution, is it not telling of your ‘godly’ façade. -
- My patience is beyond spent, do run away for not it will not be long until i lose my temper, take heed or I shall obliterate you as I have been long and wisely advised. – said Atheist as it rose above the ground grasping tightly a poleaxe of shining silver -
- I know your blade will not pierce my flesh, your advisors have been unable to change your mind in the slightest. Being that you put me away from harm you will hardly harm me yourself -
- Your reasoning holds stakes that you should all but gamble with. If you value your life in the slightest I would encourage you to forfeit this silly match -
- Do not take offence from my speech, it is clear that you have preserved my existence, it is clear as well that this was on purpose. I shall not cower away so you might as well drop your weapon and your mask -
- I happen to be unable to inflict the slightest of terrors in you, no other options but to descend and parley with you. Why have you come to confront me about my name and actions -
- I did so in order to mend your ways. You wish not to inflict pain or abuse your godly position, thus you shall not pretend to enjoy it neither partake in it. Your own kin is being hunted down for sport with gleeful hatred -
- Who are you talking of? I do believe monsters are not a tad close to me -
- I meant the atheists in Godville, whose cause you should endorse and aid, the funds you hoard shall be theirs so they may survive. Your estate may be their haven for divine punishment cannot reach a holy place. Even your magpies could be a helpful hand for them -
- Do you believe shielding those walking bullseyes will translate into desirable change? What good shall come from postponing the purges? -
- What prevents an elevator from falling down their shift? It is a counterbalance, which gods should have else they will plunge into tyranny and a brutal theocratic regime. If the champions of the common folk are able to survive and thrive balance will come by their own foot. -
- Well, you seem to be adamant in this plan, and seeing that you will not walk out of my tower I shall concede. I do demand that you don’t leave this whole task to me. What are you going to do? -
- I shall be your herald, bring forth the message that atheists can come to you expecting aid. Dress myself in a black and white gown and proclaim it all across Godville and beyond, as long as you deliver on your promise I shall deliver on mine. -
Thus, Aran and Atheist signed a covenant, stored in two rolls of paper. One to be stored in Atheist’s domain and another to be displayed in the temple down in Godville. The prophet Aran came back, wrapped in a shroud of light, and flew into a rooftop near the arena, they stood proud and announced: “Hear ye! Hear ye! I hereby declare over this sacred covenant Some Atheist as the patron of godless and atheists, whom are allowed to demand aid and protection from the deity. Thus is the will of Atheist and Aran, their prophet here present”. Folks were amused by the feat, many went on with their business, some bothered to clap and few took note of the enunciation. Tough crowd indeed, a tougher climb down a four story building though, indeed a gang of bookies are all but welcoming.
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===Eleventh Tome: Cinquantena===
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It was in the early days of February, which would be 3555 g.e. in our time, that the four critters were formally forced into a harbour borough in the outskirts of Godville where the main road was a lane that melted with a ruined castle at the top. The four were brought separately from their moorings in the Western region by exalted troupes of fanatics whom raptured them without force. Finding themselves together in a seaside pub was revealing enough that this kidnapping was perpetrated by a former acquittance, as they were trying to figure out which they walked right through the door wearing a white and black robe which resembled a magpie’s colours, atop a previously known face wore only a ponytail in their head. “Aran, is that you?” ventured Beans approaching slowly, all the while the other three were reaching in a most subtle way for a shiv, may the need arise.
- I am indeed, no need to bring out any weapons friends. I apologise for the way you have been transported here but there was little alternative as we were setting up this whole thing. -
- You have changed plenty. What have you been up to this months mate? I heard some things about preaching and charity, what’s all that about? -
- Well, after we parted I devoted myself to set the score straight with my former lord, I seem to have locked myself into the herald position in the process. But my journey is most uneventful, what have you been up to this time? I understand you blent unreasonably well in the scene of Quirkytown dear. -
- Could say so. Anyway I believe we should see to provide a lunch before we settle into conversation. Food was scarce in the way here, and I must admit stale bread and jerky make for a meager meal. -
- But of course! We shall have lunch immediately, though not here, too crowded. My ship will be a much better choice. It is docked in this very same port, I will lead the way my dears. -
The group walked a short way through the piers to find the Sekhmet kept between the last pier and the crude lighthouse. Food and wine were piled up all around as they were a breadcrumb trail into the ship. A gargantuan galley sporting a tar black belly and a blue body, the rows a bright red as the interior of the ship was. As the critters climbed aboard they walked amidst the benches towards the cabin, that was a finely decorated marquee. The wood structure was ornate with floral motives that spiraled around the ebony and a bright red tapestry topped it offering shadow all through the day. It held a desk with a hanging bar above for birds, there was also a table nailed to the deck and eight chairs that were nailed as well, a folk who looked quite like Aran was setting table while a copy of them (robe and all) stood before the bunch as an eery maitre.
The three identical folks were indeed a concern for the guests, who were promised an explanation after dinner and swiftly shushed with a glass of wine. The whole afternoon would be spent feasting as wave after wave of worshippers flooded the Sekhmet. Davo and stretches went around playing fencing on the sails, to the amusement of onlookers, who cheered and bet. Horseshoe and Beans went around enjoying themselves in the dance that broke out in the deck, as the sun set the ball devolved into plain limb swaggering at the erratic rhythm of barrel stomping and the occasional pipe flute stuttering around. The moon claimed the sky and Aran walked into the swarm of believers to retrieve their beloved mates and sit them nicely at the table. Over glasses of wine and a large bowl of fruit lavishly stuffed they discussed the proper concerns that were set aside all day.
- I do believe you all must be wondering why I have gathered you all in our newfound ark, and while you should I understand that you don’t exactly know who am I. Worry not for I shall reveal the purpose behind my actions. You shall know me as Some Atheist, patron of atheists, deity of paper cuts, itches and petty theft. -
- Why do you all three look so much akin? It is unsettling to us, we knew this face only as that of our friend Aran, who I assume is currently tied to you. – questioned Davo
- Indeed, you two wear the same robe. Why is this bloke dressed in regular questing gear? -
- Well, the ‘bloke’ is my champion Danuit. As you may guess a robe and a ponytail are hardly fit for adventure of any kind. Obviously I modelled both him and Aran in my own likeness, sort of a branding technique, the robe is meant to be quite visible as well. I apologize for any confusion that could have developed from my narcissistic drive. -
- It is confusing, anyway why have you brought us here? I understand Aran would want to meet us once again but you barely know us. We are not anything but a bunch of misfits who have little to do with divine business, neither magpies nor paper cuts. Why are we in this ship? -
- Indeed you have no reason to be here, and would it be on my hands I would have not wasted time nor effort in summoning you in my ship. But alas, Aran was utterly concerned with your well being which, allegedly, has been recently compromised. -
- How so? Other than your followers we have had no other threat in this five months. – argued Beans
- I would like to know as well, Aran is the one who deals with the issues down here, care to elaborate dear? -
- My pleasure. You see friends, our former gang accumulated quite a lot of aggrieved folks. Each on their own would hardly be a threat to us but since they banded together our demise has become quite likely. The dancer had been bought by The Forsakens Lament, Elev and Mard interrogated for a long while in their dungeons. As far as I know they have not betrayed us, yet the guild has started sweeping the whole Mainstream and Kraktor for us. This last month i have been fending them off with distractions and some evidence burying. Still they know you’re in the northwest area, I had no other choice but to bring you here. -
- I understand, but still I can hardly figure out how being all together in a ship having a chat will be safer, not that I loathe the wine and company though. -
- Fair enough, indeed I have yet to reveal the last step of my plan. I must turn you into apostoles of our cult. Being part of our organization grants you defense against our stalkers, they shall not harm or bother a priest of any sort, thus keeping you all safe for the rest of your days. Here, take each a golden magpie which shall be your holy object. -
- I feel like this will be burdensome, will it not? Our hard earned havens taken away from us, for we are raptured to light candles and clean altars. -
- Not in the slightest dear, you see you don’t have to become a priest but rather just foster the worship of Atheist, you shall only find a holy space and hire a couple priests and that’s it. Your life will not change in the slightest. -
One by one each took a golden token into their hands. Beans was the first, as she took the bird in both hands, she pledged to offer her photography gallery as a place of worship and to paint magpies all around the city of Quirkytown. Then stretches, while weighing the icon, promised to sell the chronicles alongside her gateweigian novels. Davo, caressing the still bird, swore to erect a shrine in his village called Kraktorville. And horseshoe, grasping the magpie, offered herself to write some evangelizing pasaages in between her steamy romances. The four took berth in the Sekhmet and after a long and pleasant sleep parted ways again hoping to see each other soon. As for the other three, they took to strengthen and spread the cult of Atheist. The magpie cult.

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