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To our surprise there appears to be no security at all, a trove of artifacts and gold just laying there for the taking, there must be something that our scouts missed as it is unthinkable to leave one’s wealth unprotected in the wilderness. I personally believe that it may have to do with the two golems who tend the bar, allegedly called Elev and Mard, who are heavily tattoed clay figures. They don’t look the part of fighters or even heavylifters but I honestly find hard to believe the Critters would keep them aboard just to serve booze. Anyway it may be, no golems or any earthly power shall curb our righteous crusade to burn that boat into oblivion.
This mischievous Critters have to be erased from the world for their spiteful crimes, their very existence, poses a threat to our fair living and the balanced order of the world. I think my point has came through and if you would be so generous I would love to take a troop of heroines and crush the poachers myself. I look forward for a reply, in the meantime rest assured my garrison will keep tabs on the Delta Critters and try to curb their operations as much as we can afford. Hail the Silent Lamb!

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