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Bosses move around the map by themselves, with a tendency to walk towards nearby items on the map. As indicated by the marks segments on the ticking progress bar, the different bosses will sequentially each make their move during each round. Bosses decide which direction they will move in at the start of the round, and will not change their mind regardless of what else happens during that round before they get their turn to move. Initially, many tiles are unexplored, and therefore unknown, but their contents become visible when a boss moves near them. Boss movement cannot be directly controlled, nor can bosses be directly targeted by most influences. The only way to move a boss is with a resource unique to the datamine called thrust. Each god starts with 50 thrust when they enter the datamine. A god gains 10 thrust on each of their bosses turns, and cannot go above 100 thrust.
Most things a boss does in a datamine, including collecting bits, deal damage to it, and bosses with more health take more damage. If a boss drops to 0 hp, it dies and cannot continue. A dead boss does not lose the bits it collected, unless it was killed by damage from collecting a bit - in which case that bit is lost.

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