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{{quote|Particle collision creates lots of data, right? Datamine was made to collide the heaviest, most energy-dense (and also dumbest) particles of Godville – the lab bosses.|author={{Cite blog|130|auto}}}}
The '''Datamine''' is a great underground resource where nuggets of pure information can be harvested. The datamine appeared the on Dec 12 2019 ({{date ge|12|09|2019}}) <ref>{{Cite blog|130|auto}}</ref>. Heroes, being the creatures they are, are highly averse to such a source of knowledge, for fear their heads would explode. As a result, a god wishing to harvest this rich source of information needs to have [[Lab|awakened a boss-monster]]. The brutes that are these frankensteined bosses fear nothing, even the mind exploding wealth of knowledge beneath the earth, and so will boldly head into the datamine, with a little divine push.
==How to Start==
! Notes
|style="background: #cae6f9; text-align: center;"| @ || At sign in a large circle with one side darkened|| Your boss || The dark side shows where the boss will move if it is not pushed. Adjacent tiles are highlighted when thrust is at 100% . The boss turns red when it is about to move.
|style="background: #e9df89; text-align: center;"| A || A, B, C or D in a large circle || Other boss || Turns red when about to move.
Bosses move around the map by themselves, walking with a tendency to walk towards nearby items on the map. Each boss has its own As indicated by the marks on the ticking progress bar, the different bosses will sequentially each make their move during each round. Bosses decide which direction they will move in at the start of the round, and will not change their mind regardless of what else happens during that round before they get their turn to move every round. Initially, many tiles are unexplored, and therefore unknown, but their contents become visible when a boss moves over near them. Boss movement cannot be directly controlled, nor can bosses be directly targeted by most influences. The only way to move a boss is with a resource unique to the datamine called thrust. Each god starts with 50 thrust when they enter the datamine. A god gains 10 thrust on each of their bosses turns, and cannot go above 100 thrust.
Most things a boss does in a datamine, including collecting bits, deal damage to it, and bosses with more health take more damage. If a boss drops to 0 hp, it dies and cannot continue. A dead boss does not lose the bits it collected, unless it was killed by damage from collecting a bit - in which case that bit is lost.
'''Thrust''' pushes a boss as if it was in a collision, described below. This costs 100 thrust and 15% godpower. When thrust is used to push a boss into another boss, the boss that was thrusted is not pushed away from the boss it collides with.
Items that are spawned by influences will have their map tile be temporarily highlighted in color, and the hover text will indicate which deity was responsible for them. Note that the bosses will continue to move about in their usual uncoordinated manner, and there is no guarantee that your own boss will pick up the gift you spawned.
Collisions occur when a boss tries to enter another bosses tile. When bosses collide, both bosses take damage and are pushed away from each other, moving four to six tiles in a straight line. If a high-speed boss monster hits an obstacle, locked bits, or another boss, it will stop early and take extra damage. Bosses do not collect bits, medkits or thrusters on their way when pushed; however, if the boss lands on a tile with something on it, the item will be picked up. If a boss hits hit an obstaclealong the way, the obstacle is turned into an empty tile, and locked bits hit by a flying boss are turned into bits. If a flying boss hits another boss, that boss is sent flying in the same manner on the next turn. When a boss is pushed by a collision with another boss, there is a chance it will lose one bit, and a bit will appear on the tile it was pushed from. ===End Game=== You have a limited time to help your boss complete its chain(s) of 8 bits. After 40 turns, all remaining bosses will be ejected out of the datamine.

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