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Santa Claws

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{{restructure}} [[Image:SantaClaws.jpg|250px|thumb|right|Have you been a good boy?]]
While once a good creature sent by a good god to give gifts to the good little boys and girls of the earth, he was easily has been perverted by the great god Edmaster to serve his insane wills and evil spirit. He used to give presents to the good, now he merely feasts upon their flesh, while mainly avoiding the good in search of tasty tasty evil. Santa Claws has been horribly perverted from his original goals. Once a human Saint sanctified for his good deeds, he now has become a perverted monstrosity of his once former self, a horrible machanic mutant with lobster claws, he searches for the good to devour their purity and satisfy his insatible hunger...
*He has the ability to summon mutant elfs.(who perform evil dental work upon his victumsvictims)
*Two giant lobsterosities with which to slash his enemies
*Evil robotic zombie reindeer with which to haul his fat A**slaves
*His big fat A**Occasionally his wife will drag him back home
*Occasionally his wife will come and slaughter all..very, very fat[[Category:Monsters]]

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