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Might be a seasonal thing to not use up an artifact
[[File:Fishing_Example.png|thumb|250px|Example of a hero using their [[Deus ex machina]] as "bait" and getting a [[Bag of lovely bones]] (as one of several items over time) in return.]]
In a nutshell, "fishing" in Godville involves your hero using one item as "bait" (during winter no artifact will be used up) but possibly picking up several other items. Usually, the hero will choose the most valuable item as "bait". This can be very frustrating for deities when activatable artifacts are in the inventory.
If your hero has completed the [[ark]], they can also catch [[creatures]] to put in their [[ark]] in the hope of preserving some of Godville's wildlife in the event of a flood. Understandably, dragging a manimal or feminal from a lake creates quite a scene, and scares away the fish, so after catching a creature, the hero will stop fishing and go on their way.

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