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Lip Smacker

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"Found a hot tub in the middle of nowhere and decided to jump in. Got out as soon as a Lip Smacker came along and started adding carrots and seasoning to it." +gallery
| class = Humanoid dark shape
| habitat = Rocky and uneven terrain
| strong = yes
The '''Lip Smacker''' is a very fearsome and ridiculous [[monster]].
The monster will try to smack, punch, and slap a hero's face as many times as it can, just to get satisfaction from the resulting sound.
How to avoid: Don't smack.
== Attributes ==
* hides in tall grass to trip heroes and slap them in "traditional" way
* knows a Forbidden Technique named Slap of Shame. Don't let it get you with it. DON'T. LET. IT. GET. YOU.
[[File: Manyhands.jpg ‎|thumb|Lip Smacker "ground smack"]]
=== Weaknesses ===
* if hero smacks his/her lips on its cheek, the monster will become so confused with this definition of lip smacking that it may forget to breathe, and die
How to avoid: don==Field Notes==<gallery>Manyhands.jpg|Lip Smacker't s "ground smack"[[File: Hands4.jpg ‎|thumb|Female Lip Smacker. No less terrifying]].</gallery>

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