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Iodine solution

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 The '''Iodine solution''' is one of [[Godville]]'s most well-known healing supplies. It is commonly used by [[heroes]] both in and out of battle, and can be used either by drinking it, or by pouring it onto the wounds that need healing. It is also used for the '[[Clinical strike|'clinical strike]]' skill]]. Although not essential, knowledge of the skill can aid with the appropriate and best application. Guild physicians often keep a small store of these bottles in the guild hall first aid kit.
Iodine solution is produced in [[Trollbridge]] from iodine from [[Los Demonos]], [[beer]] from [[Beerburgh]], and water from the [[River Stinks]]. These are mixed together, resulting in a healthy violet drink that tastes like beer with an extra "spice". The solution is afterwards sold to [[Tradeburg]] for a high price. Traders from Tradeburg then sell it in all known [[towns]] of Godville.

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