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Captain Obvious

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| image = Images (11).jpg | caption = | latin = | class = Humanoid | description = An unknown pirate and an legendary captain | habitat = [[Roflopolis]]
This '''Captain Obvious''' is a [[monster]] is so unknown to the world of Godville that even the [[Godville administrators dont Administrator]]s don't know about it. '''Captain Obvious''' is the funniest sea captain of the known world. That is how he kills, making people laugh to death.
==Monster Psychology==
To quote the famous monster psychologist, Dr.Enai :" {{quote|'''Captain Obvious''' always seems to say what you already know or what everyone thinks... It's in fact because '''Captain Obvious''' as trouble connecting with others, the captain had a very rough childhood and experience a lot of hardship in relationships... It develop a psychopathic tendency... 'If no one can understand me... Then why should they live...' " -- ''The Psyche of Monsters.'' [[Unspecifiedistan ]] University Press.}}

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