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2D hologram

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| description = An early hologram
This The '''2D hologram ''' is an [[artifact]] that was created before to project two dimensional images without the need for a flat surface to project the invention of the third dimension and images onto. It has since gone out of fashion sincedue to the invention of a third dimension.It can Despite this, collectors still be used to project 2D images and can have value to collectors..them quite a bit. It is known to project color nicely and can be used to showcase a nice point -by -point presentation of about why the monster in front of you should run away from you instead of attackingyou.
The 2D hologram was invented by an unknown scientist during what was latter would later be called the Flat Era... The legend goes that According to the legends passed down throughout history, it was created by using a drop of an unknown blue liquid... The invention is said to be the first image to be projected able to project images in 2D two dimensions without the use of flat surface for it having to be casted cast them on..flat surfaces. It was used for a few decades before [[Godville_(Town)|Godville decided to go into ]] entered the 3D Era... This Given this invention was created around the same time as that the [[2D glasses]]... Maybe they were invented, there has been much scholarly debate as to whether or not the two were, in fact, invented by the same person... == See Also ==* [[2D glasses]]

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