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Updated docs to reflect 20 rows now supported.
:''Optional.'' The name of the first group of items. Appears as a label to the left of {{para|list1}}.
:''Optional.'' Additional lists of items for the navbox. {{tlx|Navbox list}} will automatically format lists of items for navboxes (see template page and examples below).
:''Optional.'' Labels for the additional lists.
:<code>group</code> parameters are optional, but if your navbox has more than one list, you probably want to label them.
;{{para|subgroup<var>1-1020</var>|<nowiki>{{Navbox subgroup|...}}</nowiki>}}
:''Optional.'' Replaces <code>list<var>n</var></code> with a subgroup nested into this cell. See detailed explanation below.

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