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Dust bunny

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Wild Dust Bunnies
== Wild Dust Bunnies ==
Although Dust Bunnies are one of the more common petsthere are varieties of species that are Stronger and have more skills than a common dust bunny, they are very formidable in battle. Dust Bunnies often murder for the pleasure it brings them. Their leathery skin provides excellent defense and their razor-like claws can severely mutilate an opponent with just a few thrashes. But this dust bunny is a godly pet unlike common dust bunny this has microscopic part that builds up it's body with extreme defence and string claws that can slice any hero or heroine with a single blow.
Their natural habitat is the desert, where they are the fourth most dangerous predator. This environment has given them their name; the sarcastic 'dust' bunny. Some [[Heroes|{{heroes or heroines}}]] attempt to tame this wild beast after experiencing a tough battle with it. Those that are successful, find that a pet Dust Bunny can be extremely helpful in battle and as a companion.
== Pet Dust Bunnies ==

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