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The '''Omnipoet''' (''Poetastrum singularem'') is a [[boss-monster]] found in Godville's [[dungeon]]s. Fuelled by artistic frustration and dramatic overacting, the Omnipoet was once human, long ago.
Once upon a time, as an unknown, aspiring artist, the Omnipoet wrote a single masterpiece of poetry, {{his-or-her|daily=y}} best piece ever. In fact, the Omnipoet was certain that this was the greatest piece of poetry, but would pretended to be too humble to say so {{him-or-her|daily=y}}self. Having polished this single poem to perfection, {{he-or-she|daily=y}} arranged to publish it in the ''[[Godville Times]]''.
Well, the poem was a complete failure. The Omnipoet became the laughing stock of Godville society; parlour rooms up and down the city burst into uproarious laughter at the mention of {{his-or-her|daily=y}} name. Humiliated and ashamed, the Omnipoet fled the daylight, escaping into the dungeons where {{he-or-she|daily=yesorshe}} swore to write a new poem great enough to show them all, or die trying.
And even in that promise {{he-or-she|daily=y}} failed. {{He-or-She|daily=y}}'s done neither; to this day {{he-or-she|daily=y}} lurks in the dark, attacking anyone who interrupts {{his-or-her|daily=1}} writing, blaming the constant interruptions for {{his-or-her|daily=y}} writers' block.
As for the poem, the editors of the ''Godville Times'' were kind enough to supply a copy for historical preservation.

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