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==Progress BarZombie survival kit==<div style="float:right;margin-left:0.5em;">[[File:ProgressBarBrown.jpg|frameless|upright=0.5|link=Progress BarZombie survival kit]]</div>
The Progress Bar zombie survival kit is a chain of taverns established bold artifact carried by one of Godville's most renowned craft brewers Lara Craftbeermonsters. Heroes may acquire this artifact by killing a monster with it in its possession. Merchant purchase prices range from 43 to 657 gold coins.The franchise is famous for serving locally brewed beers made out of “real nonzombie survival kit comes with a free handy-artifical ingredientsdandy canvas bag.”®️
Lara Craftbeer left her hometown to become an adventurer. While hanging out with other heroes and heroines, she found a deep-rooted love for beer. She decided to retire from slaying monsters and raiding tombs, and devote A complete kit also contains the rest of her life to brewing beer.following:
([[Progress BarZombie survival kit|'''More...''']])
Recently featured: [[Fool's goldfishProgress Bar]] -- [[Beer-battered beerFool's goldfish]] <noinclude>

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